Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I thought I'm gonna be able to finish up everything a day before the crit but no! I'm still stuck in front of my computer, doing my best to compile my idea into 3D model! This is so ...... frustrating! It really has taken most of my time. And the best part is, my tutor wants to check on the drawing which I'm planning to do in CAD where I have not started at all.

I have lots of plan for my presentation tomorrow and hopefully, I manage to put everything out into something that could be seen by the class. Work fast fast fast!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She is ......

I was listening to the Morning Show of the 2Day FM while doing my design. It was a really good show where people would call the deejays and asking for their opinions regarding their problems. That's not the issue here. What I wanna share is about the problem of one of the callers.

She is going to get married in October and asking the deejays opinion. Yup, it sounded as a normal question but in order to answer the question, the deejays were asking her another question in answering her question.

" Who is having more money?"

WHAT?? >>> this was what I responded when I heard that.

" Me, I have twice of the man's money, " answered the woman.

HUH? >>> Me again.

The deejays : They would like the woman to reconsider back everything because the man might wanna get married to her because of her money. They were also raising up the issue about what would happened if the guy has an affair in other woman in the future and divorcing her. He would get a certain percentage of her money.

??????? >>> Me!

Okay. First thing first.

1. Why did the woman asking the question publicly to the deejays where it could be listened by all of the Sydneysiders?

2. The MAN might be one of the listeners since this radio is one of the famous station.

3. Why money is the main issue here?

My conclusion:

It is the different culture. It is the different way of thinking. It is the different way of seeing thing! between me as a pure Malay who is being influenced by the religion and culture, and the Australian who is very particular about themselves, giving their whole attention about their life in this world, and money as one of the most important things in life!

if I were the Girl, ........................................
okay, I would be asking the same question but not to the deejays! Maybe someone else who is more close to me and maybe my close friends who knows a lot about myself and my future husband.

and if I were the deejays,
THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT MY WAY OF ANSWERING THE QUESTION! it might be one of the option to consider but it is DEFINTELY not the main one!

a very tiny computer

Pardon me if i'm very outdated in the current hi-tech gadget. But I just realized that an ipod touch is a small version of the laptop.

The transformation:

A desktop ---- A laptop ---- An ipod touch ---- iPhone!

I dont use iPhone but I am very sure that an iPhone is just an exaggerate version of the iPod touch with the additional function to be used as a phone. And since it is a phone which gonna be connected to particular communication network, its another advantage is you could get direct connection to the internet, without waiting to be in the wiFi area.

As for the ipod touch, it doesnt come with the build in microphone which is stopping you to record you own voice of making a call. However, if you are clever enough, just get yourself an AUD50 iPhone's handsfree kit and a skype account with credit, a free wiFi area which gonna make your ipod touch to have the same function as the iPhone! Plus, skype is definitely the cheapest communication network provider and you could actually make a call to the other handphone or any landlines through skype.

As a student, I believe this is definitely the best way to save. Why?

1. You get free wifi connection at uni and your house; two main places where you spend most of your time.

2. For overseas student, making international calls to your parents would cost you an amount of money. Using skype, you could actually save about 95% from your normal international phone calls.

3. Free call to your other friends who is also using skype (skype to skype calls). I call my friend who is studying in London using skype for 6 hrs non-stopped and it did not cost me any penny.

So, just get yourself an ipod touch rather than an iPhone. An iPhone would cost you triple the amount you have to pay for the ipod touch. By just adding another AUD50 for the hand's free kit, you could actually add the function as a phone to your ipod. You can save a lot! Besides, I am very sure that each and everyone of us has a good handphone already, so why bother to get another one?

Trendy? Yup but I guess it is more trendy if someone saw you playing the game in the iPod touch while answering the phone call from your best friend. Something to consider here, an iPhone doesnt do multitasking task ;P

Finally, it is definitely a very tiny notebook!

Monday, March 29, 2010

New gadget

hey hey hey hey hey hey!
Introducing to u guys my latest gadget, yeahhhhhh IPOD touch!

This is the chronology of the stories of how did i managed to get this as part of myself:

1. It happened after Friday prayer. I read the Sydney Morning Herald while having my lunch at 'Nasi Goreng'.

2. I was alone until my housemate suddenly came to join me. That was very unexpected.

3. I saw an advertisement about this Ipod Touch in the paper and told my housemate about it. The price was down from AUD250+ to AUD199.

4. My housemate was very excited and that made me became excited as well ;P. I told him that I would buy the ipod if he bought it too. I took only a few minutes before he positively responded to my suggestion.

5. Dick Smith! Cash and Carry!

Anyway, someone had 'reminded' me that I told that person that I dont like ipod before. I would rather buy the 'walkman' mp3 instead of the ipod. Here are the reasons why I said that:

1. Walkman mp3 is very colorful

2. The design is very interesting and capturing my attention

3. I could listen to the radio! and this is my main reason.

And why did I changed my mine and got my myself and ipod touch?

1. It has nearly the same function as an iPhone except for not having the fucntion to be used as a phone.

2. I could installed a lot of applications. Radio, Al-Quran, and many many Games! and etc etc etc!.

3. WiFi!

4. It was on sale!

and many many other great advantages of having it one besides just to be used as the main gadget as music device.

And my current mode at the moment : JAKUN :P

Thank you

Thank you cik fatin for awarding me this such cute little award.

Here are the rules to accept the award :

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award

Cik Patin Pepatin Pon POn Pon. Thanks a lot!

2. pass this award onto 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic

I really think that I need to skip this part. Its not that I have no one to be awarded, it is just that I am sure that they are not gonna respond that with this ;P

No one read my blog since I still havent open up my blog to the public. (as in letting the world publicly knows about this blog. It is still being done privately without changing the setting into private)

3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award

I have to contact them here. Hey you, you are being awarded for being beautiful! ;)

4. State 7 things about yourself

1. I'm beautiful - that's the main reason i get this award ;P hehe
2. I love squash and it is still my favourite until now
3. an architecture student and currently doing my degree in Sydney
4. Happy go lucky
5. I prefer to be 'lemah-lembut' coz I definitely hate violence. And dont ever think to take advantage on that coz I read PEOPLE's mind.
6. I dont judge after a few meeting
7.Low profile and reserved.
8. Expect the UNEXPECTED coz I love being different.

That's all. mekasih ya patin pepatin pon pon pon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Testing testing

Saje nk try gadget bAru :p hiks

Thursday, March 25, 2010

updates updates!!!

i always find that it is best to blog whenever u have assignment in few hrs time. and that is why i am here. blogging like i have no other things to be done.

anyway, just a lil updates about myself, this week is definitely the busiest week so far. that explains why i care less to stop here. design + part time job are killing me.

oh fatin, thanks for the award btw. gonna to what i have to do after everything is done. thanks a lot for considering me as one of the recipients. ehehe

ok people. gotta sign out. i have design submission due in 7hrs! tetttttttttttttttttttttttttt...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Prayers

I was supposed to write about this last Friday coz those two photos above were taken last week. But I was forgotten about it. Anyway, what is significant about those photos here?

Simple. It looks like a big gathering at an open space, at the side of the UNSW main walkaway. People who walk to the class using this main pathways will surely, clearly and definitely see this right after they cross the main road which is at the end of this pathway. But what is this all about?

Simple. It happened every Friday, from 1pm-2pm started during middle of Summer 2010* (I'm not really sure about the exact date.) At first, the weekly gathering was held in an enclosed area but starting middle of the Summer this year, it was not allowed to be held inside due to the reason which is again, I am not very sure about it. Who is involved?

Simple. Those who usually have to perform Friday Prayers. And this post is about Friday Prayers at UNSW.

My Explanation:
This week was the 3rd time I am experiencing this. The main reason is because we are not allowed my the authority of the uni to use the place that we used to have for Friday prayers. I am not sure about the main reason but mostly about the uni could not afford to give us a place for Friday prayers since we were disturbing the traffic at the old place that we used to have. Since the place before was near to the toilet, we are said that it would harm the safety of the people walking pass through the area especially those who wanted to use the toilet.

The committee of Islamic Society of UNSW is still keep fighting for the us, the Muslim to have a bigger and better place since the number of Muslim students here is getting increased day by day. They were fighting for the uni to actually give us a place for us to build up our own college here -Madinah College. The plan is for us to have an accommodation just for us Muslim, and there will be a mosque so that it would be easier for us to do our prayers especially on Friday.

From what I have understood regarding this matter, from the donations that were held during Friday prayers and from some noble individual, the amount of money for the project to be continued is already enough but the problem now is, the uni authority seems like refuse to give us a space for this dream to be taken into the next step.

Until today, many discussion were done between the Islamic Committee with the Dean and those high ranks people at uni, but there is still no black and white allowing for the project to start.

And that explains why we have to use that open space for us to do our weekly Friday prayers.

One thing that I found good about this is, many people could learn more about Islam and that might be attracting them to find out about what we were doing. It is actually an introduction for them to start the new exploration into the Islamic world.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I got a good news and a bad news. But I would rather share to bad news since the good one is still unsure yet.

Anyway, the bad news is, I'm stucked with my design as I still do not have the proper way to arrange and to relate back my design with my concept. I know I could just do random thing and then try to fit everything with the original concept but the problem is, I am not even approaching towards that at all. I think there is some problem with the relationship between each of the buildings. I need to configure about what is the best relationship between them all so that the overall design would look smooth and strengthen the original concept. By the way, my concept is ...... I'm thinking to bring back the history into life where I am using the architecture during the Indus Civilization and try to modify it with the contemporary elements as my approach in designing the Embassy of Pakistan.

I need to work work and work + critique on my own design before come out with the final one. I can do it..... y'all!

p/s: the good news? ahaaa! will do the updates after everything is confirm! ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


time is gold!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is what I look at whenever I feel lonely and dont have the courage to start working on my design. It is sitting next to my bed, looking at me whenever I'm on it. It gives me strength to start my day after being taken care the whole night. I feel safe and it brings happiness. The love is always in the air!

Le Corbusier

I just had a lecture about this amazing architect. I was about his design at his early years, where his design is being seen as something which is very remarkable and inspirational. I believe he is definitely a great person/ architect.

From what I have seen during the lecture, his design are all based on the box, square and rectangles. The white box architectures which were look like machine made but actually, they were hand-made - his inspiration in build up his design.

From far, the design just look so simple. Just a box as a place for living creatures inside. However, what makes it interesting and attracting people interest is the way he played with the plan and arrangement of what he is gonna put inside. Every space is carefully thought and place at the right angle. Just ask why, and he is definitely have the answer to every question.

As for myself, I love white-box architecture. It is simple and very elegant. The circulation is very easy to understand and on top of that, we can easily relate the architecture with the nature. The arrangement of ideas inside and outside gonna look very precise and in order. It does not only make you want to get inside and explore the building, it is also could inspire the people who come to have a look at the architecture. Make it simple because simplicity always give the best quality. and.........................On top of that, it simplifies my work in term of model making and the drawings. hehe


After having ineffective day yesterday (in term of doing work), I managed to actually pressurized myself today and makes lots of things running into my head. YES, I am now afraid that I am not gonna make it to present my concept design to my tutor this Thursday.

Looking at the bright site:
YES! I managed to force myself to start exploring every possibility that I have
I managed to makes my brain running!

Negative thoughts:
I cant make it
I have many things to be done

Owh owh owh! Gonna start working now

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Money and Love

A couple came to the place where I work. They came at about 6pm and the restaurant was not busy at that time. So, I've got some time to have a chat with them.

They were asking me about the menu and I explained to them what they are.

That was when the conversation started to get more interesting. The wife ( i'm guessing) started to ask about the shop and the owner. She asked about the bird's cage covering the wall.

" Dont tell me that you are actually cut it into two"

" Yup, that was my boss's idea. She is very creative," I said with a smile
" And she's also designing this roof. She wanted it to look like the Malay Traditional House," I added.

" Ya, ya. But here, it is hard if we want to do such stuffs. The space is very limited," she replied.

The conversation continue for a while until I asked them to excuse myself since I had other work to do.

It does not stop there. After a while, she called me back to come to her table.

" So are you gonna stay here after you finish your study?"
"Owh I dont think so. I'm under scholarship and I have contract to work with them after everything here is done"
"What course are you doing?"
"Really" she giggled.
"My husband here is an architect"

I smiled. I introduce myself and tell them that I am currently in my 3rd year. And I still have two more years to go.

Her husband smiled back to me. Then he started to ask me about what software do I know to use for architecture. I told them about my skills and to my surprise, his wife was asking for my contact details. She asked for my email and contact number. She said that she might give me a call if she needs my help, to help her husband.She added that at the moment, she is learning about some of the architecture softwares and it is really hard for her.

I gave everything that they asked for. They said thanks and ask for the bill.

It was nice to meet both of them. The wife is from Teluk Intan and her husband is and Indonesian. Eventhough that was our first time meeting each other, we didnt felt awkward to communicate.

Anyway, having this conversation, it makes me to start thinking about having a job as an architect. To tell the truth, I never imagine myself as an architect. I always see myself as an entertainer. I love entertainment and that explains why I always having a dream to become one. haha

When start thinking about job, it is also getting me to start thinking about money. Here is the twist. I want to have lots lots of money. Who doesnt rite?

So, I always thinking that it is actually better to work oversea so that I can actually take the advantage of the different currency rate. And at the same time, I dont want to live far away from my family. Being a son who had been studying in the boarding school since I was 12, it means that I had spent half of my life staying away from my family and only came back home during school holidays. I believe I had enough of it and so, if possible, I want to work somewhere near to my family.

The problem here is, if I want to work near with my family, it means that I have to work in M'sia. And by working there, I need to do part time job to get more money. There is no advantage that I could take unless all of my family are moving to Indonesia. Owh no. I love Malaysia very much.

When considering about this problem, the best I could do is to work in S'pore. I spent my Chinese New Year in S'pore this year and it is really a great city. I love the environment, the building and the food as well. They are great. However, when I told my friend about my innocent idea, yup, she agreed that I could gain more money but, my work loads there gonna make myself becoming someone who is worka-holic. I could not have time even for myself.

That is not something that I would choose. I would rather work in M'sia, rather than having that kind of life. I dont have the freedom. It is all about work work and work. Who loves to work for their entire life? No one!

While I'm writing this, I am still do not have any idea of what I would do about this matter.

"Go with the flow"

Yup, I believe that would be the best answer at the moment. Lets wait and see.


I really think that I would become a VERY VERY VERY good father! Seriously!
i love kids very much
that helps i guess

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lelaki ini...

From far, I could see an Indian customer waving at me from her table. She were having dinner with her family and when I reached there, they were asking about the dish that one of them were asking before. They said that she need to go early which means that she need to have her meal first.

I told them that the meal is being cooked at the kitchen and will be ready within 5 more minutes. They said okay.

But then, one of the Indian lady there suddenly looked very excited and straight away calling me.

"Excuse me, you do look like ANUAR ZAIN! Are you his relatives?"
and at the same time, she keep telling all the people on the table that I looked like ANUAR ZAIN.

then his husband ( i guess since he was sitting beside her ) repeating the same question to me and all of them looked very interested to know the answer from me.

with a smile I said, " No no, I am not his relatives "

" But you do look like HIM" they replied.

" Owh thanks " I smiled.

My point here is, I dont know whether I look like ANUAR ZAIN or not, but the truth is, this is not the first time people told me that I look like him. hehe

Friday, March 12, 2010

time travel

It is very devastating when you wake up in the morning, the clock already passed the number 11! In fact, it is very close to the number 12! That was not my situation but just imagine, if that is happening, I am sure it is not a healthy lifestyle.

As for my case, I always woke up early in the morning for my prayers and then start digging any stuffs that I could do to kill the time. People said that it is not good to sleep after Suboh, so I would try the best not to sleep after that. However, when does the Suboh time period stop? Must be when the Syuruk comes rite? So does that means that we can go back to under our comfy blanket? That always came into my mind and just to make myself feels good, I am allowing that theory without actually finding the actual fact about it. haha

But HEY! Dont blame me for that. Blame the weather! Blame the environment! haha

Just imagine, while you are doing your stuffs in the morning, the weather looks very gloomy, a sign that looks like it is gonna rain afterwards. Plus, since it is now already in Autumn, the atmosphere getting chiller from day by day. Not forgotten, seeing your housemates, roomate happily enjoying their dreams would surely giving you the impression 'it is OK to join them now but NOT TOMORROW!' However, this incident keep happening everyday, does this means that there is no TOMORROW? haha

I hate it when I am in this situation. And at the moment, after I wrote the post before this, I was wide awake but then, when I finished with this latest post, I am actually describing about my own habit! haha.


While I am writing this, I am in the state of 'aweness' of what had been told to me through the FB msg. How could a person who is just started working for about less than 6 months, could pay for the car's downpayment, more than quarter of the total price. And that particular car is not the one with the title 'made in Malaysia'!!! I am definitely very impress with what is done by that person.

Anyway, I believe the secret behind this is absolutely lies on the effectiveness of managing your money starting at the early stage.

This is actually a very positive environment. It started to trigger me to think about my future and start SAVING! haha. Knowing me who is prefer to invest my money into shopping, travelling and FOOD, the time I am writing this post is definitely the turning point of me becoming a mindful person about my future!

So how am I going to start? First of all, I need to start calculating about my monthly EXPENSES. It is including of the

phone and
other expenses.

After having the total of all this expenses, I need start thinking about the amount that I am willing to save for every month. Just for self-motivation, since I am now is still studying and under scholarship for about 2 more years, I need to set that ending point as my target to achieve a total of sum of money. To make it more interesting, that sum of money can be substitute with something which is more materialistic, something that we want to have and had been dreaming of to get! As for my case, I am probably can put my dream car as the target.

The next step is to check the price of that car and start thinking that after graduating, you would like to have the car straight away. Owh maybe after a few months of having stable job to make it more reliable dream to achieve!

This is really interesting. Since you have already known the price, start doing your budgeting of your monthly allowance/salary and makes the minimum saving for your account should be the price of your dream car dividing the total month left before you finish your study. I am sure the amount gonna be exceeding of what you are willing to save, after considering every expenses that you need to pay, but bear in mind, it is not wrong to set a high target as long as it is reliable to achieve. So, if you think that it might restraining yourself from having all of the excitement, just allocate certain amount as your entertainment activities. Revise back your budget and make sure the figure should be a number that can be accumulated into the price of your dream car. That must be hard, lets make it as the amount of the DOWNPAYMENT for your dream car! The secret here is, pay more for your downpayment as you will not suffer every month to pay for your car's loan!

OK now I am at the peak of getting this plan into success! Thanks to that SPECIAL FRIEND who had introducing me about this and I believe that I am so lucky to be told at the time where I am still studying abroad so that I can take the advantage of the different currency rate and having about 2-2.5 years time to make this plan work!

Owh before I forget, I can actually take of the advantage of any monetary institution in Malaysia which could providing me with the high divident's rate. Remember, as a Muslim, we are also need to consider about halal and haram. SO, choose the right institution for you to grow your money! In my case, I'll try to look into ASB or Tabung Haji. Look at the pros and cons for both, and choose the plan in a very smart way! If possible, I'll like to transfer the money everytime I go back to Malaysia for holidays. So, when I come back to study in Australia, I will not have the intention to 'disturb' my investment and start concentrating for another saving for the next holiday.

Therefore, for any of you guys who have gone through this experience, feel free to drop a comment, sharing your golden experience there. Thanks in advance ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Can you imagine if you are eating Nasi Lemak without the sambal? It would be weird since sambal is already part of Nasi Lemak. Without sambal, there is nothing extra-ordinary between the Nasi Lemak and the normal steamed rice.

As for me, I am a person who loves to eat spicy food. The more spicy the food is, the better! That is why, sambal can be said as part of me. Everytime when I am eating, I would look for sambal. Without it, the meal gonna taste less-tasty.

I love eating sambal especially with the fried-chicken. Not the 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' but the normal and traditional fried chicken where you have to marinate the chicken with the tumeric powder + salt before frying it in the pan. Besides, as for some people, they would love to put some other spices with the marinated-mixture which would make the end result of the fried chicken become much much better. As for Indonesian, they call this as 'Kalasan' fried chicken and it is definitely one of my favourite!

Back to the story, I love eating 'Kalasan' fried chicken with sambal. There is one shop here in Sydney - 'Ayam Goreng 99' which I usually go to have this all-time favourite dish. It is also having the most spicy sambal in town which is always being something that I crave to have! Before you guys try, just make sure that you are ready because I myself could actually feel how spicy the sambal is. Bear in mind, the normal sambal Nasi Lemak is just nothing as compared to this one. They must have using tonnes of chillies while making it.

Anyway, enough of the intro! haha it is wayy to looongggg!

My main point here is, what will happen to you when you had a lot of sambal in a day? And please imagine that sambal is the one you bought from 'Ayam Goreng 99'? Imagine imagine imagine...!

If you cant, try it and make sure that you are full-awake when you have your NATURE CALL every morning! THANK YOU!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

little did we know...

a person that once has turned me down from me achieving my dream had asked me a question,

" what is the different between the builder and the architect?"

he is then added that particular question should be asked from time to time and we will realize that the answer gonna be different from time to time.

" the builder just build up the building but the architect is the one who shows the continuity of the building with the site, the climate, the view, the surrounding and definitely the one that makes the building not just beautiful in the eyes but carrying its own meaning through its shape, form, aesthetic values for it to be chosen as part of the architecture"

that makes me love architecture even more!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i know it is look too much since I am updating with many stories this morning. What can I do? The idea flows like the waterfall at the moment and my mood are willing to compliment my idea, here I am putting down some efforts to share everything in my mind here in my blog.

I am thinking of re-adjusting everything about this blog. I am gonna updating the links and only those that I could click and doesnt set to private will stay. And the list would be for those I love to visit their thoughts or having magnificent story to be shared with others.

But the problem now is, I dont wanna do it today. And hopefully I managed to make this happen by this week. My class starts today and if I keep delaying it, I dont think I am going to be available in the weeks to come.


I am currently is waiting for any flight sale KL-Sydney. Planning to bring my parents to visit me here during this summer! Hopefully I can make it. Pray for me that it is gonna happen and please do inform me if there is any special offer KL-SYD-KL end of this year/early of next year.

arigato gozaimassss!

Alice in Wonderland

Went to watch Alice at Bondi last night at 9.30pm. Been there with my other 4 friends.

I love watching 3D movie and this is definitely not the first. But maybe what made Alice to be so unlucky is because it happened to be screening after I watch Avatar. That I guessed where the mistake lies.

I went there with the hope to see something like Avatar - story line, cinematography and props are just awesome. Since Alice in Wonderland is just another 'fantasy' movie, thus it doesnt stop my mind to actually start expecting something which is full of variety and colorful of props! I didnt expect anything to do with the story line since it should be the same as the cartoon version.

Moreover, it is a '3D fantasy' where my mind starts to relate it as the 'Pandora' - the most beautiful garden I have ever seen in the movie! They should start to play with the same elements to strengthen the story line since people have already known of what to expect.

But then, after nearly 2 hours sitting down in the cinema, it was definitely not even near to my expectation. The main problem was they keep the 'gloomy' mode through out the movie and it is clearly can be seen from the color used with the graphic.

Through out the movie, there were a few times that I had fallen asleep. I was trying to be positive by saying that maybe due to the tiredness of going to the gym in the evening but when one of my friends saying the same, it is again making me felt that it was not worth it to spend AUD19 just to watch that movie.

No wonder I have came across an FB status saying that the cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland is far much enjoying as compared to this current 3D version. Too bad Alice. U need to try harder next time!

2 stars from me for the excellent make up of Johnny Depp and the cute two fat boys!

i care

At the moment, i am giving more attention towards my brain. I suddenly felt that brain is actually the most important part in our body. Eventhough we cant see it physically, it doesnt mean that we should neglect about its existence.

Anyway, why should we pay really close attention towards our brain is because it is the one that connecting our thoughts with our physical body. We feel hungry and the impulse is being processed, send to our brain and it is then being transferred to hand to grab any food before putting in into our mouth. Not just that, our brain gives direction for us to actually chew the food and then let it go into our tummy. The process doesnt stop there, it is getting more complex and I believe a Biology Text Book would help me in explaining about this matter.

So, since taking good care of the brain is very important not to just me but all of us, I had been doing a few easy activities to make sure my brain to functioning in a good condition. These few activities are those simple one that could be done by us anywhere and anytime.

I've divided it into three categories which are:

1. Food for the brain
2. Exercise for the brain
3. Training for the brain

Let me explain each one of them in more details (according to my understanding)

1. Food for the brain
Every living things need food for them to keep alive. They need it for energy so that they could keep doing their daily routine. Just like human, if they dont get enough food, they wont be able to do any task for a very long time. The same situation is applicable to our brain. In fact, I believe the work that is done by the brain are far more harder, challenging and complex as compared to our physical has done. Thus, good food is very important in justifying the optimum output from our brain.

I drank a cup of fresh milk with honey. Milk and honey are very good for the brain. Besides, milk helps to keep our bones strong at the same time, giving us strength especially while doing any heavy tasks.

2. Exercise for the brain
What I mean by exercise is how am I going to let the blood to flow into our brain. Thus, I believe that any physical exercise would help this to possibly happen. This is because, let say when we go for jogging in the evening, it increase the pumping rate of our heart. When more blood are being pumped, the frequency of the fresh blood with oxygen to get into our brain is more. Oxygen is very important because it helps to cure any dead-cell and give more energy for our brain to work.

Therefore, when it has more energy to work, more information can be gathered and processed. That is why, I have sign up for the gym and actively play in squash, to ensure that my brain would get the expected 'exercise' for it to perform its best. And another easier way is just by performing 'solat' since the most time that our blood getting into the brain is during 'sujud'.

3. Lastly, training for the brain
I read stuffs from anywhere and try to relate it with myself. It is actually generating critical thinking which is very good in order to make out brain to functioned at its best!

Thats for now. I need to sleep now. Another reminder, if we dont get enough sleep, our brain wont get enough sleep too. This would make it tired, indirectly damaging it, causing it to function not at its best!

Good night ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Luck

Just wanna share two stories. I am actually just wanna try out my connection using the uniwide. I've queued up for about one and a half hours just to set up my wireless connection and hopefully. the result gonna be good.

1st story:
Since my main intention to uni today is to set up my wireless connection, I went to the UNSW IT Department to check about the availability of the IT staffs. There was one long queue and since it was still early, I was already 12.30pm, I was thinking of joining the queue after it is become shorter (hopefully!). So I went to library first to look for the books that I need for my design project this semester.

After everything in the library is settled, I was quickly went back to the IT department with the hope that I could straight away setting up my wireless and go back. Unfortunately, there was an additional of one more queue!

That explains why it took me ONE and a HALF hour just to set up my wireless connection!

2nd story:
This is happened at the library.

I was looking for the books that I wanted for my design at level 9. After getting about 5 books about the history of Pakistan ( my current project is about making a Pakistan Embassy in Canberra), I went to level 10 to look for the books about the Pakistan architecture. I have added 2 more books and since it was getting heavier, I went to look for a desk to put all the books, while I am looking for another 2 more books.

After getting all of the books that I wanted, I went back to the desk and I could not seen any single book left on the desk! How frustrated!

So I have to look for other books which could help me about the Pakistan which were not in my list at all! QUADRUPLE WORK I guess!

Thats it. This wireless connection seems very user friendly and FAST!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


consider this situation

"Someone told you a story about other person and that story had been told from someone. At the same time, that person told you that he/she doesnt like to tell story about others"

Dont you guys think it is just the same?

In my opinion, that person is just wanted to look 'kind' or maybe 'good' while telling story to others. If you really mean what you have said in the first place, you wont tell others about what had been told to you. The story stop at you and no other person will know about it after you.

I rest my case!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

this is LOVE

Love is for everyone
It is meant for all
It shines
Enlighten every single soul

but be careful
it also bites,
every once in a while...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

yes OR no?

As I am writing this post, I was just finishing my daily gym routine as a way for me to keep myself fit after 4 months of no proper sports' training. Why am I really pushing hard on this matter? The only reason is because my squash tournament is gonna start next week and I am definitely not at my best. I need the 1st win as a way to keep inspire me to keep winning for the whole season.

Anyway, my main intention of writing this is because I would like to bring you guys into the story about 'love relationship - to what extend we should love our partner before we get marriage'. HAHA. This is definitely a new field for me since I have never talking about this matter before but, why not give it a try?

In my opinion, I dont go for a close 'love-relationship' before marriage. It is not that I am against it, NO. It is just, based on my personal observation, if we are still not ready for it, it is better for us to stay away rather than feeling the pain of 'break-off'' when everything that we have planned for years, ruined in a second. I've seen many cases and thanks to those involve for the free lesson.

As for me, my priority before get marriage is definitely my family. Having my family around is a one thing that would not fail anyone to make me happy. The smile from each of them, the laughs, tears etc etc are those that could not get using money. It is priceless.

I'm sure many would start bringing up the issue of if we dont take the risk, we wont know the outcome. YES, I agree with that but why not we try to be a lil bit clever here by taking a 'positive risk'? What I mean here is, every relationship is built up with trust. Every partners need to trust each other in order to maintain the flow of the relationship. That is already involving with 'risk'. We are actually risking our 'love-relationship' by risking it by trusting each other. However, why did I say it is a 'positive risk' because if one of us has broken the trust, we are not gonna feel like it is the end of the world or end up by killing ourself. OK I am exaggerated but based of my experience...............,watching my friend's 'love's relationship', break up always making one of the parties to be in a very 'painful state'. Why not both? It seems unfair since both of the parties are the one that committed in the same relationship.

Fuhhh... I need to do my prayers now. Till next time. Chiow!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome back, thepretender!

another new beginning.
new life with new target
the new reason to stay alive