Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pusat Pusingan?

Dapat info nih from Terbeliak jugak aaa bijik mata nih. Cube korang bace btol2. Owh btw, 2 artistes fav aku ade kt dlm list nih! Nmpk sgt lah mmg 'high taste' kan? :P

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza
* RM45,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM70,000 for a one-hour show

Dato’ Sheila Majid
* RM35,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM55,000 for a one-hour show

Anuar Zain
* RM25,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM55,000 for a one-hour show

* RM18,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM30,000 for a one-hour show

Eh kejap. Nak buat comparison ye.

Katakan lah gaji korang RM5000 sebulan. Kalau setahun? Baru RM60000 kan?

WAHHHHH! Mak iti aku cume ~lalalalalalalala~ seJAM je dh bole cover duit gaji korang setahun! No wonder lah Dato' K takut nk tinggalkan die. *yaampunn*

So mcm mana? Terus aku rasa nak tukar course. Orang kata, aku nih berbakat. Pandai berlakon, sedap menyanyi. Imej mmg clean.Gaya mmg tak dpt dinafikan lah! Rupa *ehem ehem*

Balik nih AF lah! Nyanyi nasyid mase audition dgn 1st concert. Cakap saya tak nak bergambar dgn wanita. Haaaaa, CALON ISTERI WAJIB PAKAI TUDUNG! *hiks* Confirm BINTANG PALING POPULAR BERITA HARIAN kan? *matilaa*

p/s: sori termeroyan kejap lepas sakit kepala nk design 'mix retail and resdential apartment kat BONDI BEACH'. Tp bile bace2 balik, aku yakin semua mengangguk kepala mase baca kan? hehehe

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dari mata jatuh ke hati

In order to love something, you need to know it first

No pain, no gain!

My passion towards architecture is starting to build up. No more the 'architorture' but 'love architecture'. Alhamdulillah. Yup, past experience had taught me a lot! I'm still on my way of learning it. Far far far away from the finishing line. But the spirit is there. That is what I want it to be.

Thanks to my parents esp my mak, for non-stop comforting advice. She knows how to keep me cool all the time. It is weird, you dont have to tell her for her to know. Eventhough you are miles away, she still knows what lies behind your relief looks. She knows there is something wrong from the trace of your voice. Eventhough you are basically living together for only 12 years. Amazing!

and a special message for someone, thanks for believing in me. And for keeping the words safely. I'll do the same too ;)

p/s: can someone pls tell me the overall story of the Big Bang? Or maybe the overall idea, compact enough to make me understand how does the process works. Thanks ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Origin of Life

I'm now working on an essay on this topic. Frankly speaking, I've lost my magic touch on writing an essay. Back in SPM era, a 4 pages essay can be done just 2 hours before the submission but now, it is already 2 days!

Any progress? ilek!

It is kinda hard to put everything in words. And that is why I'm here.

Owh anyway, I went to Bondi this morning for my site visit. Need to revisit the place to do some research on the language of the facades of that place. And then, trying to get back into my pervious obsession - photography. Here are some shots that I like! yeah :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A new intro

It is not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my readers (haha I'm sure by this time around, the number has been decreased drastically due to the laziness of me updating this blog). I am so sorry for that.

Anyway, so what is new with me? I've moved into a new house and I am loving it. I've more freedom for myself. Nothing to border me from something that I dont like.

Talking about this blog, I dont think that I am going be very efficient as before in updating it. I have decided that this is not something compulsory for me but it is more like a place for me to express my feeling and share my thoughts.

So, since this is can be considered as a new beginning, let me start with the introduction about me, in detail and how I see things. I believe this is very important we need to know then understand.

My name is Hanafi. I like people to call me Hanafi. Same goes to Napi, Nafi and Muhamad. And I hate to be called fifi. hate with the caps lock. *full stop* hope that explains why those who called me by that name are always being ignored by me. I'm just not in the mood.

I prefer to keep things rather than burst it out. I know that not everyone is able to understand that, but I am believing more in the ability of being considerate with everyone around you. You need others with you and at the same time, they need you to perfect their circle. So, why should us taking advantage on others? Try to imagine you in their shoes, then decide whether you like it or not.

I dont do violence. In fact, I hate it to the extreme how I treat the 'oppurtunist'.

I treasure all my friends very much.

I love all my close/ best friends. In fact, I am willing to do anything for them. They are my oxygen. And i promise that they will always in my heart. They understand me well. They are not judgemental. They can take my joke. They come to me for my advice. They respect me. They make me feel that I am not doing things alone. They give me supports. They always look high on me. They know I can go beyond my limit. They dont take anvantage on me. They give me the meaning of happiness in life. They put colors on my memory lane. They are dearly missed!

Once I have bad impression on someone, it remains forever. I give second chance only if there is the possibility of changes in that person. If not, that might be the last time I am smiling at you. I do talk but with a straight face. The faster the better.

Please respect me just like how I give my respect.

I dont talk bad about people and pls do the same to me. Once I know, you are out of the list. Sayonara.

Dont take silent as a yes. You should think beyond that.

I am an hygienic person. I am very particular about how do you look and most importantly, how do you smell.