Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday ZARIL!

Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!!
Tp ko baru je 20 thn! Thats unfair!! haha
Anyway, semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki.
All da best in life!
Jaga diri elok-elok

Monday, December 29, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Journey to the North Pole

Hehe.. tajuk mmg tanak kalah! Anyway, nih la yg kitorang buat mase mlm Krismas tuh. We went to this housing area where they decorated their houses with millions of bulbs mostly yellow! Santa, Mrs Santa and Snowman pon ade! (feeling kn org Aussie? Motif Xmas in Summer ade snow man?) Owh sungguh indah waktu itu!

Inilah antara2 manusia yg menjayakan perjalanan kitorang malam tuh. 5 keter kalo tak silap. Ala2 rombongan Mawi ke Gold Coast gitttew.

Diorang nih mmg dok pose je kejernye. Naseb baek la aku nih photographer yg tak berkire and since photography is one of my interests, as long as I get a good catch, NO PROBLEM punya!!! Posing la seberape lame korang suke.

Ini lah Mr Santa & Mrs Santa. Sempat jugak la kitorang dok mintak Xmas presents kt diorang nih. Tp yg peliknye, diorang buat dekkk jer. Aiyo! Dah la dok diam2 mcm patung! Tak gune btol!!!

Nih plak perkarangan rumah Santa tuh. Yang tgh maen tuh anak diorang. Tuh yg bersepah dgn mainan tuh. Teddy Bears la. Anak Santa nih asyik maen je keje die. Ye la, mak dgn ayah die dok diam buat donno je, mane taknye anak naik tocang? Kan org tue2 selalu berpesan,

"sayang anak tangan2 kan..."

Nih plak another view of the house from different angle. Tuh la rusa2 yang Santa tuh gune ntok hantar hadiah2. Penat. Tuh yang dok berehat. Almaklumla, org laen enjoy2 mase Xmas Eve, diorang dok sebok2 terbang sane, terbang sini. Khidmat masyarakat la katekan. Korang pon nnt jadik la rajin mcm diorang nih. Selalu2 jugak tolong orang yek. Takyah harapkan balasan drpd org. InsyaAllah, Allah ade care ntok membalasnye.

Tgk nih! Cntik kan?? Diorang nih mmg put lots of efforts just to make their Christmas more memorable, full with joys and excitement! Oh lg satu, sebagaimana yg aku paham, actually ade competition for the best decoration sebenarnye.

"Kalau ade hadiah, sume semangat nk buat keje"


This is another shot from different angle. Mmg best aa buat photoshooting kt area nih. Meriah!!! Dengan lampu lip lap nye, dgn bebudak nih yg berdress up bagai mase nk dtg. Mmg meriah!!!

Sempat jugak la kitorang jumpe dgn Mr Snowman mase kt sane. So, dh alang2 tuh, amek gmbar la kan. Buat kenang2an. Susah ok nk jumpe. Owh btw, nih la yg aku mksudkn ttg Snowman kt 1st paraggraph tuh. Feeling kan? Kalo korang still tak paham, nih ade something ntok trigger alarm korang:

Motif Snowman kat atas rumput hijau tapi bukan snow?
Motif Snowman nmpk panas tp tak cair?
Motif Snowman ade kt Australia mase Summer?

Decorations nih plak kt dalam rumah. Naseb baek cermin crystal clear, bole la nmpk dari luar. Mmg tip top!

Aku pon sempat la jugak stop kejap kt Santa's Workshop nih. Since aku pon dh dress up ala2 elf (buka mata ntok melihat snow cap saya), aku sorang je la yg diorang allow ntok tgk2 camne care2 pemprosessan hadiah kt dalam workshop nih. Kat sini diorang menggunkan teknik pengkhususan. Korang sure ingat lagi kan K. Hidup Tingkatan 3? Mcm tuh la. Baru senang nk siapkan keje. Semuanye mmg dh specialise dlm bidang masing2.

Santa pon kasik aku makan candy nih. Besar tuh. Die kate as a token of appreciation sbb sudi dtg melawat and citer pasal die kt blog aku nih. Oh lupe nk bg tau, aku dh citer kt Santa tuh pasal blog nih and aku ckp yg aku akan buat satu special post ntok trip aku kt sini. Die suke sgt! Mmg bole nmpk la terpancar dari wajah die.

Oo nih plak Mr Snowman yg lg satu. Mase nih die yg mintak nk amek gmbar dgn aku. Pastuh die suro pose konon2 nk makan die. Die plak nk pose innocent! Konon2 mcm aku nih pemangse la. Haihhh... Mcm2 hal si Snowman tuh.

Ok la. Sekian sahaja cerita dongeng aku tuh yerk. Terpulanglah korang nk pecaye ke tak. Siapelah aku nk memakse, tak gittew?

Friday, December 26, 2008

We're different!

Really sorry for abandoning this place for the past few days. Been busy with many stuffs. Balik tros tido jer! Ok, I did checking the mails, facebook, news but to stay here and thinking about what to share, it was totally not the right time. And today, I tried my best to make sure that I can update you guys with at least an event. So here comes our so called Christmas Eve.

At first we planned to do some midnight shopping, I mean window shopping. But it turned out that all the shops were closed and we didnt aware of that before going to the mall. Lucky we bought the weekly travel pass, Circular Quay automatically became our next stop! Here are some 'memory captured' as the food for the eyes. Enjoy~

Transformation and Evolution! For the future sake of course!

Us. Those were brighten up the night and made it just like there were no one else there

Jingle bell jingle bell...

We wish you a merry xmas...

Young and Dangerous

The BOND is there! We dont need James BOND!!!

We are special in many ways!

Oh ya, all of these photos were edited using Photoshop. Amazing rite? I've told ya that Photoshop is still the best... but noot really user friendly. hehe.

Thats all for now. Tatatta

Monday, December 22, 2008

Little Baby Santa

Mummy, I've some important mission to complete before the sunset. I'll do it all by myself. You dont have to worry about me. Just pray for my success ok? Muahhhh

Lets start working. 
~"Old McDonald has a farm... E. I. E. I. O"~

~"And in his farm he has some ducks... E. I. E. I. O"~
U guys keep quiet. I know what I'm doing. Use your ears to listen and your eyes to watch. NO COMPLAIN ok!

Iyahhhhhh... This sand is so nice. I love playing with the sand. Eh, no! This is not playing. This is my important mission!!! Chaiiyyoookkkkk!!! YAH!

Waaaaa... Thats so lovely! I love the texture! Come on, few more scoops to go and then I can enjoy myself watching all those tanned chicks over there. OPS. Dont tell my mummy ok! Promise??? Pleaseeeeee...Pleaseeee.... I've said the magic word.

Aaarrggghhh... This is hard but I cannot give up. I've to prove to mummy that I can do anything that all the adults can do. Even better than them! Huh!

How come it feels like forever just to put the sand inside this container? Did i do it in the wrong way? NOOOOO! I'm always rite! U guys are wrong! Shuhhh shuhhh.. Dont disturb me! I cannot concentrate!

Alamak! Mummy mummy! My container fell down! All my hardworks just go away like that! Huaaaaa... Eh wait! I cannot cry. That's the girls thing, not mine! I'm a stronger person just like Red Power Ranger.

Lets continue working.
~ "twinkle twinkle little star"~ 

Yes finally... I have finish putting all the sand into the container. I told U that I can do it. Hooreyy!!!

Arrgghhh... This is the toughest part. It is so heavy. Arrrghhhhh... God, please help me. Please make this container becomes lighter. Please God, I pray to you. Thank you. I love you God.

Yea! I've reached my target place. Need to finish my mission now. I'm so happy! 
~ "one two, buckle my shoes" ~ 

Eh, how come the sand doesnt want to go out. It is stuck inside this container. Ok, maybe I can ask mummy for some help.

Mummy mummy, I need to ask you something *looking around*
Mummy mummy, look here! Mummy mummy! MUMMYYYYYY!!!!
Huaaaaa... Mummy's left already!

Nota kaki: Nak kawen dgn org puteh la. Nanti dapat anak chomel2. Best2!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Like what I said before, photo editing is soo tempting! You tend to do it again and again. It is worst when you are already free from uni works and got nothing else to do. Social? Naahhh! Sitting in front of my laptop next to my bed sounds much more yummy to me.

Anyway, just wanna show what Picasa and Photoshop could do when they join ventured together. Here is the result:


Look at the colors. It looks pale and lack of contras. 
I tried to put words on it but could not play much with the sizes. 
Decided to leave it for Photoshop to handle.

Photo Adjustments.Text

Change the contras and exposures. Play with tone. Really satisfied with the result as the colors' of the photo turned out to be more strong and showing up some energy. 
The bond between us is clearly potrayed! 
Played with the sizes of the words. 
Mission complete.

After all, Photoshop is still the best! That's the conclusion I could make at the moment. Gonna to look for Adobe Light Room just like what Megat has suggested to me. Mintak2 la bole download free :P

Aku di Perantauan

Picasa. Effects. Collage

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Frankly speaking, i thought my days during foundation year were 'not that good' but after years, browsing through my old album, I have to admit that it is just another chapter in my life which won't easily being forgotten. I love those days. I love all my friends. And this is actually proven the saying which says,

"We'll realize the value of something after we lose them"

I miss all of them! soo much!!!
Anyway, here are some of the photos during our SAM Annual Dinner. YES, i editted it using Picasa! Much much much more easier compared to Photoshop :P

Friday, December 19, 2008

Saya sudah jatuh cinta!

Saya sudah jatuh cinta! Saya sudah jatuh cinta! Saya sudah jatuh cinta!


Photo editing is so tempting! It helps to boost up the value of your photos and sometimes, make u feel more confident. But, not everyone has the ability in editing their own photos. Feeling down? Not anymore!

Photoshop is the most popular choice but it is kinda complicated especially for those who is still new. It's gonna be worst for the first timer. Me myself was having a difficult time while exploring it. Everything seems 'not user friendly' and having a tutor was like a must!

But it is different when U use Picasa. It is another photo editing software by Google and can be downloaded for free. Interesting? Absolutely! Here, eventhough the function is not as many as photoshop, but for the fist timer, it is totally worth it. I'm sure you will proud of your first attempt of editing your photo.

Here are some of my attemps in using Picasa! I am totally impressed with the result and yes, I have to agree that it is easier than Photoshop. I dont think it would cause much problems for the 1st timer like what Photoshop might causing U. Try it! NOW!

Here is the link for U guys to downlond it for free. Yumm Yummm!! click here



Wah! looks very professional rite? Just use a bit creativity of yours and the rest will be taken care by Picasa. Here is another one.

So, apa lagey? Jom Picasa!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


"Gagal sekali bukan bermakne, gagal selamenye"

LAME!!!(ini perkataan bahase Inggeris buat pengetahuan semua) Selalu je kite dgr ayat kat atas tuh. Berulang2 kali. Takde idea laen ke?
Anyway, yes entry hari nih adalah pasal kegagalan. Kenape? Troskan membace...

Bile gagal mesti kite sedih. Bile gagal, kite mesti tak keruan, Bila gagal, kite mesti sakit hati. Bile dipikir2, ape salah kite? Semuenye kite dh buat. Tp kenape kite mesti gagal jugak? Tak adil! Tak adil! Tak adil! Kawan kite tuh buat siket je kerje, tp die lulus. Kawan kite yang lagi satu tuh asyik tido je, tp die lulus. Kawan kite yg ketiga plak tuh tak penah dtg kelas, tp die lulus! AAArggggghh. Tak adil!

Ape salah kite?

Usaha + DOA + Tawakal = Kejayaan

Nih pon selalu kite jumpe. Lagi2 mase sekolah rendah. Mase ade cikgu pelatih yang dtg mengajar kt sekolah kite. Mesti ade antara diorang yang rajin buat bookmark, tulis 'word of wisdom' nih, pastuh kasik kt kite semue. Jadi bende2 cmnih mmg tak asing lg. Bak kate nenek aku;

" dah jadik sebati dah!"

Mesti korang ckp Chef Wan pon ckp mcm tuh jugak kan? Chef Ismail? (sambil feeling2 membuat kek) Well, this is my blog; the decision is mine! Bole? :P

Anyways, berbalik dengan soal kegagalan. Wahai rakan2 sekalian, memang amat sukar untuk kite menerima kegagalan. Lebih2 lagi kalau kite dah berusaha dengan bersungguh2. Oh ye, sebelum mengaku bersungguh2 tuh, pikir dulu, apakah tahap bersungguh2 kita tuh? Kalau setakat seminggu sebelum final baru nk bersungguh2 sedangkan orang laen dah start setahun lagi awal, kaji balik pengertian bersungguh2 tuh yerk!

Mmg tak dinafikan ade org tuh, sehari pon bole hasilkan kerja yang menarik, namun kita perlu tahu di mana tahap kita. Mungkin org tuh di hari2 sebelumnya, dia dah buat persediaan. Mungkin jugak dia tuh pretend tak buat pape depan org, tp kat blakang, gigih segigih2nya!(owh zaman high school ku; zaril aku tak maksudkan ko) Mungkin jugak dia tuh tergolong dalam golongan minoriti bergelar genius (malu la saye mcm nih :P). Tak payah lah kita nk pertikaikan semua tuh.

Jadi, apa yang kite perlu buat, apabila situasi ini menghinggap kehidupan kita yang aman suatu ketika dulu, usah panik. Cuba berfikiran positif. Revise semula segala yang kita telah lakukan. Adakah usaha kita memadai? Adakah wujudnya keberkatan dalam usaha kita? Adakah usaha kita itu dalam jalan yang diredhai? (bkan sahaja keredhaan dari Allah, tapi juga orang sekeliling)

Sebagai seorang muslim pula, kita patut tahu bahawa setiap ujian yg datang sebenarnya adalah tanda sayangnya Allah kepada kita. Kenapa? Sebab dari situ lah sebenarnya Allah nak tgk di mana kedudukan kita sebenarnya. Adakah pada tahap yang lebih baek, masih di takuk lama ataupun, lebih teruk dari sebelumnya.

" It is not about how we start, it is the ending that matters"

Ye, amat btol! Jadi, takdelah perumpamaan pertama yang dinyatakan di atas (wah, ayat SPM!) LAME sgt. (peringatan sekali lg: minta tolong mat salleh ntok maksud perkataan)

Mesti ade yang cakap, kalo cmtuh, bole la kite enjoy puas2 skarang. Nanti baru lah kita cover balik semua. Peringatan bagi mereka2 yang berfikiran seperti ini,

"korang tau ke bile korang nk mati? jawab cepat!!!???"

Oleh yang demikian, perkara yang paling afdhal adalah dgn istiqamah iaitu usaha yang berterusan. Teruskan usaha kerana kejayaan bakal muncul tiba. Usah berduka kerana kegagalan bukan untuk selamanya. Setiap apa yang terjadi, pasti ada hikmah yang tersembunyi. Buka mate dan cubalah untuk mencari.


Usaha + DOA + Tawakal = Kejayaan

Kalau gagal jugak, usah putus asa. Cuba lagi tahun depan!
Eh silap, revise kesilapan, ubah kesilapan, teruskan berusaha, berserah pada yang Esa. InsyaAllah, hajat kita termakbul.

Good luck!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pelantun bola di dinding

Get the meaning? Bukan 'DING DANG'. Bukan jugak 'JOJO'. 'TORA datang lagi' pon bukan. Inilah aku! hehe

Tak dapat lagi? Ok Ok. Nih aku cume nk habaq pasal aku dan squash la. Since aku still tak prepare nk share citer2 tak best pasal aku, baek aku sumbat dulu korang dgn citer2 yg bole menaekkan lg saham aku yg sememangnye sedang melambung2 walopon ekonomi dunia skarang nih tak stabil. Ewaaaaahhhh

Camne aku minat squash? KL '98 Commonwealth Games. Aku dok depan TV pastuh nmpk Nicol David pkol bola kt dinding. Aku kagum! Aku terkesima! Aku takjub! Walaupun dia tak berjaya memenangi pape pingat mase tuh (kalo aku tak silap), tp dia lah yg bertanggungjawab menyebabkan aku ternoda untuk meloloskan diri ke dalam kancah arena ini. Since before that I was so in love with badminton and quite good in it too, so takde la jadik masalah ntok aku maen squash nih. But the only problem was, it's hard to look for the court. Ye la, aku nih bukannye org KL. Kat sane melambak la facilities ntok nih sumer. Jadi, mcm budak2 kreatif laen buat, aku gune shuttlecock n pkol kt dinding rumah aku. Wah, gaya seperti Ong Beng Hee pada ketika itu!

Penampilan aku dalam sukan ini menjadi lebih serius mase zaman sekolah menengah aku. Ade Squash Court beb! Apa lagi. Maen la puas2. Dan bermula dari situ la, aku terpilih as the state representative. Dari Form 3 smpai Form 5. So dapat lah jugak aku jamah nk maen kt MSSM. Selalu lah jugak nmpk Low Wee Wern, Delia Arnold, and a few more our pemaen2 squash remaja. Aku takde la hebat sgt smpai tergolong dalam group diorang. Cukup la sekadar untuk mencari pengalaman dan meluaskan lagi kenalan.

So smpai skarang lah aku still maen squash lagi. Kat sini aku maen ntok uni. Enviroment die lg berbeza. Maen dgn mat salleh sumer, bergaul pon dgn diorang berlatih pon dgn diorang. Byk la lg aku blajar. Aku pon kt sini jadik 1st player ntok team aku. N kalo mase nk lawan the opponent tuh, diorang mule2 mesti tgk aku mcm tak layan jer. Ye la, aku nih badan kecik, nk compare dgn diorang, mcm pokok pinang dgn pokok bunga ros yang kembang mekar merah berseri2. Wah, tanak kalah! haha. Tp, bile dh lepas maen, sumer nye puji game aku.

"U are just like an A grade player mate!
I enjoyed watching your games very much!"

Kembang semangkuk la pungkoq aku :P

Anyway, nih ade siket gmbar mase aku maen ntok MASCA NSW mase National Conference and Games (NCG) this year. Owh, ntok game nih, sumer pelajar M'sia kt Australia from different states yg join. So basically, M'sia lawan M'sia, tp uni laen2. Tuh je la for this time. N if korang berminat nk maen or nk blajar, jom! aku bole je tolong siket2. hehe. Ikut kesesuaian mase jugak la. Best dowh game nih! Rugi tak try...

Thorn among the roses. What more can i say? hehe
Merekalah supporter2 aku mase game arituh. Time kaseh ye dayang2 sekalian :P

Nih mase malam penyampaian hadiah tuh. Masquerade Ball.
Ketika kami bertopeng

Tadaaa... Putera Raja dan bibiknya!

Meja ktorang on that nite

Hanya mampu tersenyum

Picture speaks louder than words

Kluk! Aduih, sakit gigi aku

The team; The Champion; The New South Wales

Ok la. Since cik kak nih pon antara supporter2 aku yg paling bersemangat, so nih konon2nye kredit ntok die jugak la. So korang rase sape cik kak burung hantuh nih? Jawab jgn tak jawab!