Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa

Maaf Zahir & Batin ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Ok now it is convincing enough that I really need to so something on this issue. Owh should activate my fasting mode!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey people,

I'm sure you guys love the smell of Cappuccino, the taste of Mocha or the darkness of Long Black. Espresso coffee, part of the culture of being an Australian.

Everywhere you go, you'll definitely found people selling the coffee especially in the cafe. Coffee is like our 'teh tarik', but has variety of types to suit the needs of different person. Latte, Flat White and Short Black, are those familiar names for the cafe barista.

What makes those coffee different from each other? Well, based on what I had learned, the main factor of different taste and color is due to the amount of milk you put into the coffee. Apart from that, additional ingredient such as chocolate powder and type of milk are also contributing to the changes in coffee.

Anyway, how does the story of coffee is related to me?

Yesterday, it was my first time making coffee for my customers. Before this, I always passed that important job to a friend of mine who is already expert in it. However, she was on leave due to personal reason, left me to handle it alone.

" 3 Cappuccino please"

" What size do u want mdm? Any sugar?"

" Do you put 2-shots for the large right?"


" Just get me three large Cappuccino then. No Sugar"

"Ok sure :)"

There went my first conversation with a customer regarding the espresso coffee. I behaved like normal, looking just right an expert in making coffee. I blended the coffee and put it in the machine. The skim milk was frothed.

Three large take away cups were taken and there went my first three Cappucinnos.

"Thank you so much"

"Have a good day"

But then,

I started worrying about what was happened. A small voice told me that there were something wrong with the coffee. Yup, I was pretty sure about it!

"Auntie (my boss), do we have to change the coffee in the coffee machine everytime we make a new cup of coffee?"

"Absolutely! If not, you would spoiled the taste."

Oh no. That was my huge mistake! Bad starting for a beginner. I am sorry Mdm. Really sorry. Didn't mean to spoil your mood. There wentmy first lesson about the coffee making precess.

Frankly speaking, it started to pity the Australian woman. My mistake. I am apologies with what I did. And now, I am hoping that she would get something else in return. Something good for her. Aku bermohon padamu Ya Allah...

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Everything happens for a reason. We know about it but we prefer not to explore. Let it be. Just go with the flow.

But wait, if that is what were you thinking, you are nearly the same like me. Not exactly!

A talk by Prof. Sidek Baba at Malaysia Hall Sydney last night has helped to broaden up my view. Seeing new things from the real angle. Seeing it straight right in front of your face. We might say, that is not 'thinking outside of the box', but how sure are we that 'outside of the box' is not 'inside of the box?' Confuse? Be my guest.

Why am I here? I know my target but I am not sure how to finish it. I am confuse, with conflicts in between make it harder for me to decide. I have then became a man of nothing. Start to do anything but not the thing that I have chosen at the beginning. I dont wanna finish what I have started. I want to create new things and leave it whenever I like. No finishing with lots of beginning.

I blamed my first choice on what had happened to me. No more patience. No more hardwork. No more always on the top. It left with a person with no soul, doing something which needs soul to live on. Contra. It is hard to explain but it is clear to the eyes.

Being a student who studies overseas is always my dream but it is not an easy dream to achieve, only those lucky one might be chosen. I am not a genius neither a talented person. I am just another ordinary kampung boy who always lucky in what I am doing. "Just my luck", may be the best movie to describe my whole story.

I dream to be an architect mainly because of the high salaries. I dont care about what people say. I know what I want, eventhough I know nothing about it. The only think that defines architect to me is just the words 'high salaries', full stop. Owh forgot to include, I have drawn a beautiful Minagkabau House when I was 10. Very beautiful drawing and that was the only one that I have.

I got it! Architect. Overseas. Australia. A friend of mine told me that my flow in life is wonderful. It flows smoothly, no obstacle in between.

But then, it is not easy to get easy. The last stage always the toughest. As we grow older, hoping to get wiser; those challenges that we have gone through help us in finding the real reason why we are the one chosen to get involve in that circumstances. There's always a reason.

One point that has became another source of lights for me to get to the real reason,

" Bila kamu belajar di sana, ceduklah sedalam2 mana termampu ilmu dan taburlah semula di negara kamu sendiri. Olah dan sesuaikan dengan keadaan semasa, berlandaskan hukum Allah, buat semua yg dahagakan ilmu di sana. Kamu insan terpilih dan setiap pilihan itu pastinya terkandung sebab2 tertentu."

Hope it shines forever so I can see through my eyes, through my heart and through my mind.

Yes, this post is very confusing, just like my mind at the moment. The end is still blur but the path to get there is started to get clear. Finger cross, hoping for the better.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Helpless mind

I am now at the stage of not knowing what should I choose between two things. Both of them are those that I want to have at the moment. Let's have a look.

1. The Squash Racquet

Dunlop Hotmelt Pro Squash Racquet. The one I always checked at the shop whenever I go shopping. Its weight is 135g which is so light as compared to my previous one.

So why do I need a new racquet? It is simple. I play squash frequently, about 3-4 times a week. I am in the uni team and joining the competition. It is not something that I want but I guess it is more towards something that I need. Furthermore, my old racquet is already being used since I was in 1st year which means it is already 2 yrs old.

I still love my old racquet but I am thinking of having a new one which is less heavy than before. My old racquet is about 150g, (I guess) which kinda hard for me to swing whenever in the game. I have to use expensive string which is not durable enough for someone who play squash regularly, like me. I had it once and to tell the truth, I was impressed with its performance. It increased the force you put on the ball whenever the ball is being hit.

However, it did not last long. 3 months after that, the string broke, and I had to change a new one. Then it made me realized that I am not going to pay another AUD45 for the string. Yes I like the performance very much but being a student, it is a lot to pay such amount of money, FREQUENTLY! huhu. Then I just changed the string with the normal one, the one I had been using before. And since I was used to the performance of my previous string, I do not really favour with the latest performance of my racquet.

Therefore, if let say I am buying this racquet, I am thinking that I can play squash with the performance of my old racquet using that expensive string. Why? Since the racquet is much lighter, it is kinda easy for me to swing the racquet, resulting more force can be exerted onto the ball (wah Physics! haha). Thus, I am assuming that extra force from that expensive string is then being subtitute by the force resulting from the extra swing I can do whenever I am using this racquet. The best part is, I can just use the normal string but having the performance which is the same like when I use my old racquet with that expensive string.

And now it makes me think, how good the performance gonna be when that expensve string string is being put on this racquet? Must be really great!

The price? It cost only AUD149 with AUD10 for the delivery charge. I saw it at the racquet shop and the price is AUD300++. Good deal rite?

2. Clarinet (for those who is not familiar, it is the one in black)

At first, I was thinking of getting a guitar since my roomate just got his from ebay. Maybe if I got mine too, then it would be easier for me to learn how to play a guitar since my roomate is willing to teach. But I changed my mind when I saw an AUD2.95 clarinet book. I bought it, then after going through the book,it reminiscence my good old time during I was in my school's orchestra. I love music. And I love the feeling of being a musician. I am a person who appreciate music not because how it looks, but how it is being composed.

And it was last morning, I searched about the clarinet at ebay and to my surprised, it cost less than AUD200. That was awesome. If I am not mistaken, when I was in the orchestra, I asked my music teacher about the cost of a clarinet and she said it was about RM3000++. I was surprised since I thought it was only costing for about a few hundred riggit.

Therefore, considering both of the coincidence that happened to me; the clarinet note book and the price of the clarinet, should I get it or not?

p/s: OPS! by the time I end this post, my new racquet is on the way to my house. AUD159 gone. huhu. So, should I get the clarinet? hehe