Friday, December 24, 2010

They're here

The moment ive been waiting for!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have a safe flight!

Hola. Live telecast from sydney domestic airport! Waiting for boarding to Melbourne! Yehaa yehaa anggree angggrrre!

Pray that I have a safe journey to Melb. Hmm did I tell u guys that my parents are boarding tonight as well? Weeee! Hato berbunga-bunga!

Their flight is tonight at 11pm. Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya buat mereka. Their 1st flight, sure berdebar-debar. Mudah2an segalanya berjalan lancar, n they will be safely arrive in Melb tomorrow morning. Amin :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This particular issue always strike me whenever I'm thinking about myself. It cant be separated. I have to live with it.

However, one thing that doesnt make me feel guilty when this issue is being raised is the fact that what is a human being without their altar-ego? They are nothing! It is something that is a must for us to have.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

negative charges

For these few days, I realized that I have been surrounded by the negative aura. It is weird. I know myself very well and being negative is definitely not me. I am a very POSITIVE person!

I believe that I can do anything. I believe that everything is possible to achieve and I always see the positive side of others. I dont complained neither that I felt the hatred! If I do, it wont last longer. The next day after I wake up, it is totally a different feeling.

However, things were different for these past few days. I felt that everything was going against me. I was becoming just like the volcano which is about to explode. I was not sure where did things went wrong but to tell the truth, I am becoming as a person which is the other side of the normal me. I am Mr Hyde! Dont come near coz it will be the biggest fear!

Luckily work was extremely fine and tremendously done by me as for today. The positive environment through out those 4 hours made me realized that I am at a wrong path. I should make a U-turn, and take the other path. Eventhough the one that I took at the moment much more easier, but it doesnt work for me. I shouldnt have taken it in the first place. The entrance is very attracting but as I walk along, it definitely gonna lead me to a wrong end. Alhamdulillah, my prayer is being answered by Allah. Alhamdulillah.

As I finished writing this, I would gather back all my positive vibes and start spreading it just like what I always do. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for making me realized my mistakes.

As a reminder for myself, everytime you feel something is wrong with you, always ask the guidance from Allah. He knows the best! Ask for his guidance, ask for his help. As a human, we are not perfect. However, what makes us the best of humankind is how we utilizing our brain and the self-control. When we have full control of them and they are all as accordance to what is written in the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, insyaAllah, there is always a reason for everything that is happening to us. Just dont give up asking for His help because He knows what is He doing and what is the best for us.


"Mistakes make you human. Repenting makes you Muslim."
-Shezenna Muhammed-

Voice tone

Be careful with your tone coz it might leads u to the end of a relationship.

The tone of your voice plays really important role. It brings up the 1st impression towards u besides your overall presentation. When you wanna say something, it should be in a correct tone so there would be no misunderstanding after all.

However, if you are going for an interview, do u think that the interviewer would forgive you for giving a wrong tone? Absolutely not! It is your biggest mistake. They will definitely blacklisted u as it might be the last time for u to see them.

Same goes in friendship. When u suddenly yelling at one of your friends, he might be interpreted it as if you are peace off or going mad on him. It is worst when it happened with no reason and considering your ego, you would just go without appologizing for what u have done. If i am the one in the situation, sorry, that would be the last time of that person seeing me putting an effort for that friendship.

I am not making enemy, i am just deleting some of potential friend. But we could still be acquintance, saying hi hi and bye bye.
I know that i am right!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


" if u think u can, it means u can!"

What lies behind this sentence is actually the power of your brain. The brain is like tge CPU for the computer. It processes all the informations and send it to the rest of our body to do the work. That is why, if you know how to tame your brain to follow whatever you want it to do, that would definitely making you an extremely great person!

That is what I'm currently doing. Practising myself on how to make full use of my self-potential! I can do it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

1 Muharram

Salam maal hijrah to all!

Pheww. Another year has gone with now, another new beginning.

Alhamdulillah, through my 4 years being far far away from the loves ones, i could say that i have learnt a lot! Many things. Sometimes i'm up and there were also times when i was down.

But Alhamdulillah, i have those angels send by Allah to help me, give me hope to stay in track. And one thing for sure, I have Allah with me. He is always there to help, to guide and to remind me of things that i'm doing.

I'm not perfect. I'm just another normal human being. But i will always try to improve myself. And again, without the help from Allah, i'm nothing. He is the Almighty, the owner of the world.

Semoga tahun baru ini akan memberikan banyak lagi pengajaran dan mengasahkan kekuatan peribadi dan mental seiring dengan kenaikan iman ke arah yang lebih baik. Amin

Cant really wait

For this!