Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010



*blowing the candles*

i wish i could be a millionaire in 7 years time.
but the only changes is on my wealth
deep inside, i'm still the same person
with the same attitude and principle in life


Friday, August 27, 2010

hate you!

marah tanda sayang,
benci tanda rindu.

it reminds me of my parents.
n brother and sisters.

i still couldn't figure out the second part of the phrase
"benci tanda rindu" ?

yes i agree with "marah tanda sayang". it means that when we are angry at someone, it might be due to his or her wrongdoings. n since we dont want that person to keep repeating the same mistake, we start be angry with the person.
that's crystal clear.

but how about the 2nd sentence?
why should we hate someone when the reality is, we are actually missing that person?
for example,
will you have the feeling of hating you sisters whenever u are missing them?
my answer gonna be NO.

anyways, that phrase was taken from "Syurgamu Ramadhan", EP9, slot Samarinda, TV3.
i went to the UNSW careers workshop on how to write good resume and cover letter.

and now, I'm more happy to finish up my resume rather working on my design final mid sem presentation next week.

not good not good not good.

but my resume?

very good very good very good!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

parcel from kampung

i am at the peak of happiness! my bahulu is here already! gonna have that for my berbuka!

owh there's also dodol and 'melting almond'

and kuih bangkit as well! yum yum yum
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what a lovely day. i'm gonna eat bahulu in class later! yippoooooo!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tonight is different,
it is calm
it is clear
it gives tranquility

peng you

i'm suppose to start writing on my 10% essay proposal + critical review of one key point from my bibliographies. but then, i was disturbed by a video on youtube, posted in the FB.
it was about, 'peng you'!

i believe it is a mandarin word and the video was actually a video clip of the song entitled 'peng you'. at first, when i started to listen to it, i was about to laugh since it was a mandarin song and i'm zero at it. but then, when i watch the video carefully and started to understand to meaning of it through the video clip, it was definitely one of the touching songs i had listened to in my life.

"peng you is friend
friend is peng you
you are my peng you
i am your peng you"

-quoting from a peng you,
to a peng you

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I was busy thinking of representing all the architectural symbols into a graph but suddenly a phone call had successfully taken away my concentration for a while. Yes, I was still in bed, in my sleeping bag to be very very very exact!

"Bang Bang Bang" the sound of someone banging on the door. I opened it and taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

I seriously didnt expect anything but this is definitely the sweetest gift ever! Thank you.

hati berbunga-bunga, (LOL)
Mr. H
it;s 3.33am and i'm stuck with this! how am i gonna solve this? need to be done before morning since i have to start with my model making after that

pls idea pls come to papa!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

something happened at my restaurant between me and my work partner.
this was our conversation:

she: hey, hanafi kau nk tau tak apa 1st impression aku masa nmpak ko 1st time?

me: ape dia? (i was a lil bit worried since i am very self-concsious). nih yang masa kat m'sia hall kan?

she: a'ah. masa aku nmpak ko tuh aku terus ckp " HENSEMNYAAAAAAAA MAMAT NIHH!!! PADAN LA KAK NANI SUKA!

me: HAHAHHAHAHAH. so mknenya aku nih good looking kan? haha

Friday, August 20, 2010

not everyone is gifted
but each one of them has their own unique attribution
which is then making them slightly different
from anyone of us
in the end
we are all having our own distinct potential
for us to realize
and polish it by our own
so that it will act as a gift
making us someone who is gifted

Allah Maha Adil

*I have realized this long long time ago but only now I know how to put it into words.*
hari raya hari raya hari raya hari raya
aidilfitri adidilfitri aidilfitri aidilfitri

listening to lagu raya makes me thinking about my kampung
i still remember when raya is just aorund the corner
i'll definitely the most busiest person in the family
not the one that doing the masak2
but my existence is more towards the arangement and decorations of the house

i'll gather all my siblings
and divided the tasks for them to be done in certain time
lap tingkap, sapu sampah, susun buku, lap kipas
yeah, basically, doing the cleaning up
me myself will be the person in charge with the vacuum
and mopping the floor.
for the whole house.
rumah depan, rumah tengah, rumah bawah!
penat okehh!

but then, eventhough all of these are done during last week of ramadhan
we were actually enjoying every little bits of the gotong royong
mak will be busy at the kitchen
getting ready with all the rempah ratus
ayah will be the one in charge with the ketupat
he makes the ketupat, and sometimes, if i'm free, i'm gonna be with him
trying to finish all the orders

my sisters will be helping my mom putting in the rice into the ketupat
and make them ready before sending them to those who had ordering them for hari raya

i miss those moment
really missing them

not forgotten
10 days before raya
i'll be busy looking for kayu pelita
went into the forest
and cut all potential trees to be used as kayu pelita

put them all onto my bike
or motorcycle
then bring them back
before placing them all
around the house
about 40 of them
that was very lovely

at night
gonna be busy with friends
playing meriam katak, meriam buluh, mercun, bunga api
and sometimes, we did also play 'police and thief'
with all the neighbours
who had already becoming part of my family

before berbuka,
ill fill the pelita with minyak tanah
placing them in the kereta sorong
before putting them onto the kayu pelita

after berbuka
we are all running around the house
to put the fire on the pelita
and singing lagu 'selamat hari raya'

i miss my family
i miss celebrating raya in my kampung
i miss my adik2
i miss my kawan2
i miss my mom rendang basah
i miss making ketupat pasar with my dad
i miss vacuuming the whole house
i miss incharging the decoration of the house
i miss playing meriam
i miss searching for kayu pelita
and most of all
i miss seeing each and every faces of my sweethearts!

selamat hari raya
maaf zahir batin

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i have a friend
her name is cherry

i look at her
with a smile
then i realize
she do look like a cherry!
cherry is cherry!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my class finished at 6pm n straight away i rushed to square house for my Maghrib.
there were many people there, queuing up to get their Pakistani Meal for berbuka. I took my ablution, and went straight to the praying space until a Pakistani brother stop me and told me not to get inside since the room is being used for the Sisters' Berbuka's Space.

"But I wanna pray?" I told him

"Good question. Hmm probably you could just go to at the corner of the corridor there and find a spot for you to pray," he replied.

I know it was kinda weird but what else could he do. The place was flooded by other Muslims, waiting for their turn to get the food. I belived they have done with their Maghrib since the berbuka time was 4o minutes before i reached there.

After finding the best spot and done with my Maghrib, I went to join the rest of the crowds. But then, whenever I saw the queue was still long, being me, I would rather pay for my food rather than waiting for some time for the food. I went out, and stopped at Indonesian Restaurant for my meal.

While eating, I was configuring out of what should I do for the night. My plan was to start compiling all of my materials for one of my assigments and giving me the reason to skip the teraweh. YES, I did skip the teraweh by putting my assigment as the reason for me not to feel guilty.

I went home, switched on my laptop and clicked at the FB button.

And now the time is already 9pm. If I go to teraweh, this is the time when I am already at home. Taking that into consideration, NOW I AM DEFINITELY FEELING GUILTY!

The syaitan is not the one to be blamed since they are all chained in the hell, it is me! owh no.

To make things worst, I still havent taken my bath, and not even thinking of doing my assigment!

I promise this is not gonna happen next week!
how i wish i am a genius.
everything would definitely be very easy for me.
at least at this particular level...
listening to lagu raya alone in my room.

i miss my family back in kampung.
how i wish i'm a billionaire,
and the time is mine!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i dont understand the language,
but definitely know the feeling!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bila sebulan sebelum raya

masa kecik dulu
kalau ramadhan, sure dah start countdown bila nak raya
hari pertama puasa terus ingat raya tinggal lagi 29 hari
sehari puasa seringgit

masa sekolah rendah pulak
mulanya ramadhan, mulalah nak lawan siapa paling banyak hari puasa
ye la,
tak puasa tak dapat duit raya
tak dapat la menang award duit raya paling banyak nanti

masa sekolah menengah
puasa tetap puasa
kali nih sahur dgn kawan2
buka pon dengan kawan2
sekolah asrama, kawanlah yang jadik keluarga

masa foundation pulak,
baru belajar mula dok rumah sendiri
so puasa pon dgn kawan2 serumah
depan rumah pasar ramadhan!
jalan 10min dapat lah makanan

dan sekarang
zaman universiti
dah jauh
bila ramadhan
mesti sayu
ingat semua masa dekat2 dulu
memang rindu
hidup rasa macam sorang2
ada kawan, tp takda teman

salam ramadhan
semoga tetap iman
berganda pahala

Sunday, August 8, 2010

salam ramadhan yg bakal menjelma dari studio FBE level 2!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

cant wait to celebrate my raya in MELB!
definitely gonna be my best raya - away from family
eh wait
they are my family too ;)