Thursday, July 30, 2009


Iqra! Iqra! Iqra!

I guess the main problem with we Malays is we do not like to read. Unlike Caucasian, everywhere they go, there is always book on their hand. In the bus, during lunch or while waiting for someone, they will take out the book and read. It is already becoming their culture, hunger for knowledge, wherever they go.

Different case for us Malays. We do read, but only for light reading material. Comics, entertainment magazine and newspaper - sports and entertainment, again! We prefer something that do not need us to think or to relate it with our life but not about others' life. 'Jaga tepi kain org', the correct phrase for this case.

Anyway, I am writing this because this is actually the things keep haunting me since I was in my high school. I only read to pass my exam. That's it. Nothing else would get my attention with exceptional for sports and entertainment. It is then makes me to become an ignorant person with high level of ego as the filling. I told the world that I know everything and act as if I'm the walking dictionary.

However, the truth is always bitter. I know nothing. NO-THING! It is just that my skill of manipulating people's words make me still at the top, look high by the rest of the people. I realized about that long time ago but since I still managed to survive mainly due to that advantage, my ignorance level keeps increasing as the time flies. But today, is another different story. I guess it is the time for me to change.

"IQRA!" The word that changes Muhammad SAW life. The word that changes the Mecca people perception. The word that finally changes the flow of the whole world. And now, I am another small creature to get the light shine from it. Hopefully it is forever.

"I want my brain to be sold cheap when my head is being cut"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is totally a new experience, knowledge and field to me. Textiles in interior architecture, my elective for this sem.

The moment I entered the class, there were only two guys with more than 10 girls (not sure the actual figure) sitting down on the chair while waiting for the lecturer. I was a lil bit shocked but who cares, that's the only subject that suits my timetable at the moment.

I was expecting to learn something about fashion designing when I enrolled into this subject. haha. How silly I am. The word 'textiles' to me is just for the fashion. That's all I know. But when the explanation given by the lecturer, then I started to realized that there are a lot more other stuffs can be explored just by the word 'textiles'. Textiles in Interior Architecture, the subject which gonna give me an intro about how we can use textiles with the interior part of our house. Furniture, bed, wall paper? That are some of other usage of textiles besides fashion.

linen- one of the fabric shown during the class and I really think that this fabric is awesome. I like it the best among all. Simple, classic and not formal. Quoting from my lecturer, 'linen is the most durable fabric of all". Then it suddenly came into my mind, 'buat baju kawen pon smart jugak!' *lariiiiiii

haha. ok people. need to do more research about this subject since everything here is new to me. warp? weft? woven? knitted? arghhhhhh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweat all over!

As for the start, since I still need to warm up in order to get my magic touch, before I can come up with a very beautifully-composed post, which could trigger your mind and make U guys think, let me begin with a not so unique post about my experience of having a week full of movies - yes, i called it my extraordinary movie triathlon!

I'm not a movie-goer. I prefer to watch movie on the TV or by just downloading it and using my lappy as the main source of entertainment. I dont like to go out especially when it's involving the public. BUT, it was a different story for my previous week, the final week before I start to get back my architorture.

Anyway, my 1st on the list:

"Harry Porter and The Half Blood Prince"
21 July 2009

Most of my friends said that the movie is plain, normal, just like any other movies and not showing the true identity of Harry Porter which is usually packed with magic spells and actions of the young wizards and witches in the making. However, their high expectation demolished by the Harry's being a normal teenager, trying so hard to control his emotion before getting involve in the love-hate relationship. It is not only him, the characters of Hermione and Ron are also being potrayed the same as Harry which makes this latest Harry Porter's movie is more about their love's life.

Being a person who do not read J.K. Rowling's book, it left me with no expectation while entering the cinema. I know Harry Porter through the movies. So, my intention while walking into the cinema was just wanna have something which is more interesting than the previous movie, something which could make me feel it is worth to pay an AUD8, and most importantly, it is worth to go beyond my regularity.

And yes, I love this movie. I like it very much. Although at the beginning of the movie it is kinda weird since I need to adjust my brain with the British accent, but after a while, it went well. The effect used, the setting in the movie ( or should I say the cinematography ) and the story line were awesome, very impressive and sunccessfully engaging me with the characters in the movie.

Owh, I hate the ending! 3.5/5 stars from me.

My 2nd on the list:

22 July 2009

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Dont go if U dont wanna waste your AUD10 for something nonsense, less enjoyable and full of rubbish. Thank you

0.5/5 stars.

3rd on the list:

" Drag Me To Hell "
23 July 2009

I was a bit hesitated when my friends suggested us to watch this movie. Based on the internal sources from London, they said it is not worth to watch at the cinema. It straight away killed my interest to watch this movie.

But that was the story of a month ago. I gave the money and my student card to my friend and leave it to them whether to watch it or not. An AUD14 gone! phewwwww... Hoping that it is not another Bruno's show.

It turned out that this movie was awesome! I love every single scene of the movie. The storyline is easy to understand with variety toppings of excitements. I laughed through out the movies. The effects used goes very well with the acting. Disgusting? What do you expect for a so called scary movie? That is part of it. BUT, congratulation to the director for successfully making that disgusting scenes to be part of the movie. The coherency is there. It flows proportionally with the mood of the audiences. It made us to be part of the movie. In fact, we felt like we were actually one of the casts in the movie.

One thing which I could not found from any other movie was the cleverness of the director in making every scene to be realistic, seriously done, scary and at the same time, there were humours to entertain us and making the audiences to feel happy while watching a scary movie. Nicely done!

4.5/5 stars.

And last on the list:

"Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosours 3D"
25 July 2009

My first time watching a 3D movie. I was stunned with the graphic shown. The storyline is simple but I still say that "Upin & Ipin - GANG" has more interesting story to share with the audiences. Overall, it is OK to watch but an AUD20 for this movie was still expensive. And that's why I dont recycle the 3D spects given at the counter after finish watching the movie ;P

3/5 stars. Not bad huh?

Friday, July 24, 2009


Mmg dah bersawang dah blog nih. Takpe takpe.
Pasnih, akan ku aktif kembali.
Ye la, skolah cuti, blog nih pon cuti ye dak? :P
Jumpa kalian semua nanti yer?