Saturday, January 2, 2010


being in the situation when you dont actually feel secure, it is definitely not the best way to spend your wish-memorable-moment. no no no. you pretend. you smile. you happy. you are actually trying to act normal while the real truth is you are so fake, but still in the state of denial while at the same time, trying so hard to make others feel that they are actually the one who are not being themselves. that is bad but for a person who is still living with the past-achievements and always keep high level of personal ego. the combination of both is actually making the situation even worst.

thepretender always pretend wherever he goes. please dont come near because you'll definitely get what you want while the real truth is sometimes the opposite. people pretend but he's the best! people are sometimes fake but that is his nature. and people are always being egoistic but he will never been beaten. congratulation for the title, thepretender is the champion.

for those who dont wish to break the code, keep your distance away. he doesnt bite when he is not being threaten.