Thursday, April 30, 2009

smile ;)

"You have a nice balance: you're not afraid to try new things,
but you don't rush into things without thinking them through"

That was the result I got for my 'risky business quiz'. It is a quiz that we have to do for one of my subject; Managing Stress and Anxiety. Pretty cool rite? Yes, I love this subject very much. It is something that I can easily relate to my life. Something that we do every day. Or it can be something that we can see others do too. In easy words, it is all about our life!

Anyway, why suddenly I choose to start my post with that statement? Hehe.

I usually plan what am I gonna do for the day but not today. I finished class at 6pm, rushed to musolla for Maghrib and went to Malaysian Night Market at UNSW Round House. But not like what I've expected, this year's night market was sooo boring. Nothing much could be found there. The best was still Abg Sam's Satay. The rest were banana fritters, cupcakes, corn in a cup etc. which were totally not as 'colorful' as Indonesian Night Market last Tuesday. Variety of food could be found and yup, I got my 'SATAY PADANG' there too. It was like a compulsory thing for me when attending the Indonesian Night Market.

Since I didnt get anything for myself there, I was thinking of going back and have my dinner at my place until I stopped by a group of Malaysian (my uni collegues) and invited me to come with them to MaxBrenner (It is a chocolate restaurant; all food there are made of chocolate). I refused to go at first since I was too tired due to class from 9am-6pm but they forced me to be part of the excitement! haha.

Yea. There went my night. MAX BRENNAR!!

Ok now comes to the main point of this post. We went to REBEL after that and yes people, I got my new squash shoes there! Happy. Have a look at my new squash partners. Cant wait to use it!!!

We went to karaoke and finished at 10.15pm. Karaoke was da bomb! hahaha

What a night!!! Went out with totally random people and we finished it with a BANG!!! Tq~

-gapo, shamil, nazmin, ali, ME-

Take 5

I'm now at uni. It's studio time, the scariest and hardest subject for every architecture student. We don't have any particular reference in doing the design. No text book and no past year questions to go through. It is all about something present, new and fresh, straight from our so called 'creative-brain'.

Anyway, why am I here, writing this post? This is what I call 'take 5'. hehe. But usually, it will surely exceed the figure. Surfing the net is always far more interesting than doing uni works. U could get anything that U want by just pressing the keyboard, typing down anything that come across your mind.

Unlike design, if nothing to trigger your creative cells, U would just wondering around with no outcome for your project. The environment of where U stay is very important because good surrrounding always give less time for the idea to strike your brain.

One tip in excelling in your design is to be good with your tutor. They are the one who is gonna marking your project and by being good to them, the probability for them to give you low marks could be decreased. I'm not saying they would surely give you high marks, but since they are human, they are also have feeling. N I'm very sure, we ourselves do not want to cause trouble for those who are doing good to us, rite? Same goes to them.

Besides that, if we are good to them, they would share everything that they know with us. They would help us in generating the idea, improving it and also giving the final touch before the final presentation day. The idea is still from us, they just helping us by stimulating our thoughts to something which is beyond our knowledge. They are very well-known in this field and learning through their experiences are something that we could not get even from any text book.

Enough for this time I guess. chiow!~

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My workmate loves to use this word. Everytime when we finished working, he would say that.

"I'm going to hibernate and start to socialize back tomorrow morning"

and he said that at 4pm!!! Yea, that might be the best for him, after 5hrs of working. Resting is very important before U get back into your full shape.

Anyway, I try to look for the similarity of the word in me and I guess, there is. As for the time being, it is better for me to 'hibernate', living in my world and stop getting to know about others. That sounds not rite. OK, take a break from meeting people.

A few has got what they were not supposed to get and I dont want the number to flow like the river. Let me surrender for others' good.

Browsing through, this is what I get;

(hī'bər-nā'shən) Pronunciation Key
An inactive state resembling deep sleep in which certain animals living in cold climates pass the winter. In hibernation, the body temperature is lowered and breathing and heart rates slow down. Hibernation protects the animal from cold and reduces the need for food during the season when food is scarce. Compare estivation.

Hmmm... should I blame the weather? It is getting COLD here in DownUnder. NO scientific explanation could be found at the moment. If U have any, I'm willing to hear...

Monday, April 27, 2009


The best thing is always to ignore others and concentrate on yourself. BUT, what if others keep concentrating on U while U trying hard to ignore them? Dont U feel that is very irritating? Annoying? Selfish? Busybody?

At the moment, as long as it wont affect me and my reputation, I still can take it BUT if they start to play harsh, JUST BEWARE. I'm always the unexpected thing on earth! If U want to play a game, I'm always ready to be the champion!

Anyway, I guess the sentimental mode starts to get back to me. Here is the prove;

Till the next updates...

let's change the topic

Hey hey hey!
Look here! Finally, i found 'asam pedas' in Sydney. My wish is granted. hehe
Eventhough it is AUD15 per serve, I'm willing to sacrifice that for my favourite food! Yumm Yumm. Self-reward! Yes it is! After so many months, living without asam pedas, the price that I paid can still be considered as CHEAP!

Anyway, introducing to U guys,



.....and after.....

Sedap sehingga menjilat jari... Feeling good, YEAH!

p/s: I'm sure U guys have already started to feel hungry rite? YUP, thats my main purpose of posting this entry! Pepandai la korang carik asam pedas yerk! hehe

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I checked my schedule for next week and yeah! Looks like I'm having more time for myself. But, still need to keep progressing with the design and might gonna start doing the research for my Marketing presentation.

Anyway, the topic for today is specially dedicated to me, myself and I. I'm a very complicated and always keep thing to myself. U could not judge me by just looking my external appearance. I'm far more too good and might be slightly bad from what U have anticipated. But I dont blame U guys for that. It is all about time. The more U spend, the more U get.

Anyway, lets start with my principal in life. This is the most important thing to me and because of this, I am what I am today. I believe only myself! I do thing my own way. And I am confident that Allah loves me. These three things that makes me to become a very strong person. Digging through my background, I dont think U guys would expect me to become someone like what I am today. No, I'm not being snobbish or proud of myself, but the one I'm talking here are all about facts, the experienced and the knowledge that I have passed and watched through my 22 years living in this planet. It is just that I share it with less people and they are obviouly the one that are very close to my heart.

In order for me to be like this, I am strongly holding on my religion. Yes, I'm very particular about this matter. I dont look at it with one eye but make it as my way of life. U guys might seeing me as someone who is open minded and easy going. Yes that is right but that is just my way of socializing with people. Alhamdulillah, everything is still like what my mom always told me before I fly to Aussie. Her advice always the pririority in anything that I do.

How about friends? I'm a very friendly person. It is easy to get along with me. BUT, it is hard to be closed to me. In my opinion, your friends are those who are going to decorate your life. It is important to find someone who can understand U and accepting U as who U are. They dont judged U but take U as part of their family. They treat U as how they treat themselves. And thank God, as the time I'm writing this, He has granted me with friends that are always there for me no matter shine or rain. And one more thing, I dont start the conversion unless I have to do so. and that might due to other reason which I think is relevant to me.

Well, that are something for U guys to digest. Less is more. Have a good day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Very Special Day

I woke up at 8.00 am, straight away went to the toilet and took my shower. N then I realised that I was early for an hour. My work starts at 10 am and my day usually starts at 9am, and what happened today was slightly unusual. N while taking the shower I realised, yea it is someone's special day! It was totally unplanned btw :P

After getting myself ready to work, I checked the clock, inspecting whether it is already the time or not. Since there was about 45mins left, I decided to get back into my slumber. Owh blame the wheather for this :P My blanket looks so tempting at that particular moment.

Clock setted at 9am!


It was not a very long conversation but it really took a lot of courage to do that :P Knowing me, yes I always run out of idea when talking to this person. haha

Anyway, to the person who received my phone call this morning, I wish all the best in anything that U do. Good luck for your exam and dont stress2 eh?! Enjoy your special day and hopefully it would be the most wonderful birthday U ever had!

Thanks for all the supports. I can feel the presence eventhough I could not see its existence!!!

p/s: nantikan kemunculan pendekar Tonga!

far far away in downunder,

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Knock knock!
Here's a parcel for u. hmmmm
as expected! yeah!
the cake is already arrived!
jasamu di kenang!!!

Lets have a closer look at the parcel eh?

still cant imagine how it's gonna look like...

taraaaaa... ala...
2 je ker??

so this is the close up view.
Looks yummm yummm kan?
Tq sooo much Sheekeen eh?
Next time, antar la lagey :)

Anyway, lets see what is the final product of my sectional drawing. Yup, today we had to present the section to the tutors. Since I'm quite lazy to do the talking, lets the photos handle that... hehe

My one is at the most right

Cool rite? Only architects can do this! YEAH!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


yumm yumm! Look at that! very colorful and thats already attracting my attention! I didnt expect it to look that delicious. I was thinking of something plain, less variety of colors or probably less attractive. BUT I'm wrong! Yes, U should not underestimate others but thats not me! *ops*

Anyway, that is just the photo sent to me from SHEKEEN. She said that she's gonna post the cake. Baeik kan? hehe.. I thought she was just joking. Knowing me, I take everything as a joke and thats y I laughed a lot! :P
Still waiting for the cake to come. Gonna show u guys how does it really look like later eh?


Anyway, lets move to another topic, my new white shoes! Yes, I'm now in the mood of updating my blog. I'm currently at uni, waiting my other groupmates to come, so that we could finish up our 15m sectional drawing! Thousand apologies if I was exaggerating before regarding this issue :p Tak fun la kalo nk serious ye dak?

Nice rite? The only reason i chose this shoes is bcoz of the texture on it. It looks different from others and add more value to it. On top of that, it's on SALE, so why not to take it and experiment with it? No harms rite? Owh ya, my mind told me that those who is shopping during SALE know how to manage their money and good in planning their future. And for those who prefer to shop not during SALE, they are just having too much money for them to keep and control. Be careful with this. U might end up with having no money at all :P hehe SELF REWARD? That is just an excuse. U would feel more satisfaction if U could get the one that U want during SALE.

1. The happiness of having something that U have been aiming for
2. The pleasure of wearing it at 'less expensive' price but still having the same quality
3. U are really GOOD in doing your shopping

That's pretty much to sum up everything.

To end this post, I would like to share something regarding my new WHITE shoes.

not me :Hey ur new shoes looks so flamboyant!
me :Takpe, asal kan cantik!
not me : It's so gay!
me: It is ok to look like a gay as long as you are not gay.
not me : So it is the same like u saying " it is ok to fuck a guy as long as he does not get pregnant!"
me: *piiiiittttttttttttaaaaaaaammmmm*

merase la terdiam kannnn!!!

p/s: i love asam pedas ikan merah! nak makan!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The big day was yesterday! She was graduating for her Master after a year with us here in Sydney. And now, she's leaving us with only our sweet memories together left for us to treasure. Owh btw, dont get me wrong, she's my senior, a friend and a kakak here. Eventhough it was really for a short period of time, it was really fun knowing someone like her.

zaki, me, k julia, nazmin

we are all posers! so what?


*ehem ehem*

Anyway, yup I'm not in the mood of updating my blog. This is just something that I do to kill time before starting with my design. Design design design design design.... hohohoho

Hmmm... owh ya. Still havent post the one that I need to post! huhuhu... I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be on time. Sorry eh? Life is not easy at the moment. Very hectic and full of dramas!

Owh, I got myself another pair of new shoes! Stress? Not really. It just that I feel like spending my money since my plan to London is cancelled. *ops* And it is white! I 'm not a fan of white but why not to give it a try? N I do think it looks good on me :) hehehe

I'm still searching for my new squash shoes. It is hard to get it here. Anything but white! Maybe blue, red, orange, or green? Owh... How I wish I'm in KL rite now. The shoes is everywhere! Just name it. huhu

Talking about squash, I'm doing well at the moment. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Since everyone keep complaining about my old hair, here goes my new one. They said i dont look good with long hair. hmmmmph. So how's this?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday morning

Remember about the 15m-sectional drawing? Yup, I'm nearly finish with it. I mean my part. (15m is actually divided by 4 since there are 4 members in each group :p)

I went to uni this morning and did most of the work for the drawing there. Did some discussion with my other group mates, and they satisfied with my work. Just need to do a little changes before the next meeting.

Anyway, I feel great at the moment. Yup, after attending my stress-therapy session, everything is going back to normal. The mood, the feeling and everything are just behaving like it is used to be. I'm feeling good.

So, what type of therapy session did i attend? Hehe. SHOPPING! Got for myself two Quicksilver hoodies, two Essential Men jeans and a pair of Adidas shoes! Marvelous! The excitement of getting all of these items at the bargain price makes the therapy session more worth it! How I wish I could do this frequently. haha

Owh ya, I did called my mom too yesterday. One thing that I found interesting was about my sister. There was a telephoned called and she was the only one at home at the moment. But she still refused to take the call. My mom asked her why? And u know what did she said? It made me laugh like hell! hahaha

" Tanak la mak. Entah2 abg yg call..."

Hahahahaha. Then my mom asked why again?

" Nanti abg tanye mcm2 pasal sekolah..."

And that made me laughed even louder!

She's the youngest in the family and gonna sit for her UPSR this year. So, as the eldest in the family, I need to know how does she do with her preparation. That is really a good reason rite? hehe

It just that my style of asking is full of sarcasms. That might annoyed her :P but look at the bright side, I'M OBVIOUSLY A VERY GOOD ABANG kan?! heheheheh

And judging based on this story, the yougest in the family is always like that! Pantang di tegur! :P (I'm just referring to my sister. Nothing to do with any external party :p )

Therefore, in conclusion the Youngest in the family always does not like the Eldest in the family due to their own unrelevant reasons but the Eldest loves every other siblings no matter what... Sweet kan? :)

p/s: I dont like iPhone mainly because of the camera! It is only 2Mpixel??! Who in this world take photos using that? (heheheehe)

p/ss: Got back to my bad habits of staying up late at night not doing my works but CHATTING! and FACEBOOKING! Aaargghhh

p/sss: miss the moment of kacau-ing my sister until she cry! hehehe

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It is all started by the word hello
It is simple, yet meaningful
Then it is followed by the word friend
Your world starts to become more

Knowing everything about you
Lending hands for you

No matter shine or rain
You feel secure on top of happiness

When you cry,
They are there with a box of
When it is joy,
You guys are together

Shared sorrow is less sorrow
Shared joy is double joy
Shared everything?

Owh hello. Being sentimental? That's me when something succeed to touch my heart by passing through the-infinity-thickness of my ego. It is not the NORMAL thing but the word ABNORMAL does not sounds right at the moment.

Being away from families plus millions of miles far from those used to be part of your life making you feel like hanging in between the earth and the sky without having anything to attached on. You are free to fly anywhere you like yet you dont actually feel the freedom, the excitement and even the liveliness of life. And that is what I call as 'loneliness'?

I dont actually feel lonely but I always try to make myself feeling lonely. Complicated? Architeture student is always like that. We want everything to be complicated to make it looks fascinating but it is actully full of lies and dramas! How I wish I could change everything by starting to be able to control myself. I'm complicated and congratulation to my mom for being the only one who knows me from head to toe.

Anyway, life must goes on. The stopping point is when the 'Izrael' pays his visit to you.

Back to my main intention of this post,

"You would feel the greatness of friendhip when you have found your real friends. Real friends do not have to be the copycat version of you. It builds up base on the mutual understanding and the principle of trust between you and them."

To all my real friends out there, you guys are the closest to my heart after my family. Wherever you guys are, near or far far away, you guys should know that, everything that we have been through together are always the sweetest things in my life. Every moments are being missed, treasured and locked into my memory. And I'm very sure you guys know who you guys are because real friends would feel the same as me after reading this special entry. Miss you guys a lot!

Friday, April 10, 2009

something to ponder

"Atuk dulu tak pernah pon ucap kata cinta pada nenek.
Tapi, masa mula2 atuk nampak nenek,
atuk dah tau yang dialah orang yang paling sesuai untuk atuk."

- 'Selamat Pagi Cinta'-

it may sounds unromantic but I really have to agree with him.
Therefore, U guys can just imagine me as the 'atuk', telling story to my grandchildren :P


What should U do when U get annoyed by people around?

1. Ignore coz that's the best medicine
2. Don't bother to know about them
3. Do your own thing your own way
4. Act normal
5. BURST OUT! - this is the only thing which I still haven't done yet. My temper is still under control I guess. BUT we'll see what's gonna happen in the future.

Enough of intro, lets move to the main body of this post.

Uni life gonna stop for a week and that means ENJOY!!!
Am I rite? NO, I'M WRONG!!! Why?

1. I've to finish a-15m-sectional drawing due the week after holidays
2. I've to finish a-2500-essay for my 'Managing Stress & Anxiety' which is due the week after holidays.
3. I've to do a report for my 'Environment' which is due after holidays too.
4. I've to do research for my 'Marketing Presentation' as well as a report regarding the topic.
5. the hardest part, DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN!

So, in conclusion, my holidays is not gonna be holidays anymore. I still have to go to uni for group discussion, have to sit in front of my laptop doing my assignment, searching books at library for my research!


NO! I know that I've chosen this course but that does not mean I've chosen this kind of lifestyle too! N one more thing, I dont wear NERD Glasses, kan? So I'm obviously not a nerd (referring to the FB quiz! Cis!) haha

Anyway, planning to have my shopping spree this coming Wednesday. After all, I really think shopping is the best way for me to release all my stress and tension *matila, CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC kaedahnye*

Need to get
1. Squash shoes
2. Walking shoes
3. lots of Shirts
4. Jeans
5. Winter jackets!

whoa! that's a lot!!! might be due to lots of stress :P

lastly, thanks for the postcards!!! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ok now people,

Tanah tumpahnya darahku,

Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia,

Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita,
Selamat bertakhta

Rahmat Bahagia,
Tuhan Kuniakan,
Raja kita,
Selamat Bertakhta

Negaraku, the compulsory song for us, Malaysian to know. From kindergarten, until high school. This song is the most popular song for our entire life!

Anyway, back to my story, this week gonna be the most hectic one (compared to the previous 4 weeks) since I came here. Lots of uni works! Like always, DESIGN is the main contributor for my stress level and followed by MANAGING STRESS & ANXIETY! Can u imagine that? A subject which is suppose to help us in managing our stress, has been one of the main stress contributor!

Ok. I'm just exaggerating. It is not suppose to sound like how you had imagined.

Cut the crap! How is wish I could go back to my hometown at this moment of time! Owh Airasia, since you have won the best Low Fare Airline in the World for this year, how about giving me an open return ticket Sydney-Malaysia? Come on Mr Tony Fernandez... That is just less than 0.001% of your profits last year. I promise, I'll promote your airlines for every post I do here. DEAL?

And PEOPLE! One more thing that I wanna tell you guys. Who says Malaysia is not beautiful? WHO? WHOOO??!! *takowwt korang nk mengaku!*
This would explains...

cantik kan?

One last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAK SHAHNAZ!!! Dengan ucapan,

"Maken tue dah nih!!! Bile nk kawen?? :P" *ops*

p/s: the best time for a new post is when u were busy doing your assignments!!! sundel kan?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Model in the MAKING...

OO0oo people!!!

I have 5 sketch-models due by tomorrow and u know what,
I've only finished one and now, still doing my second model.

but that's not the main thing...

I called Faaris n told him that I was so miserable with my design.

" Aku rase, course nih kene ade 2 org yg amek.
So nnti bole aa yg sorang dok bg idea, sorang lg buat model"

" Alaaa.. relax aaa.. ko bole buat punyer..."

"Ok~~~~ *in a boring way*
Aku rase mcm malas dh nk buat. Nak balik M'sia lg best!"

tetibe nada Faaris berubah... terkejut jugak!
" Ko nih jangan pikir yg bukan2 bole tak?!!
Tak yah pikir ko nak balik,
tak yah pikir ko dok sorang2,

Aiyo. But seriously, that was real GOOD!
It opened up my eyes to see the clear picture of me!

pelangi kemilau untuk anda *matila copypaste!*