Thursday, October 22, 2009

take 5!

i'm having my take 5 at the moment
and suddenly, an idea stroke my mind telling me about a wish list
and here i am writing down my wish list at the moment

1. MAS flight ticket SYD-KL for end of January next year. Yes! Cant wait to go back for the best birthday present for me. But, bile MAS nak sale nihhh???!!! A question for those reading this, should I buy the ticket now or wait until January because MAS always having their SALE on January right? hmmmm

2. Nikon D90 DSLR. The price is about AUD 2000 plus. phewww. Menanges tgk harga! But it is worth to own one considering myself as the architecture student. This is just a wish and I'm still have not come out with any final decision yet. But definitely, one day I am gonna own a DSLR. So summer nih kene part time byk2 lah! huhuhu

3. Watch. Eventhough I am not a person who is so into watch, but I am always dreaming of having a watch that is bronze in color (or probably silver) so that I would look like as a professional. hehehe. At the moment, I prefer to use my AUD15 Q&Q watch, leaving my leather GUESS back at my room. The only reason because it is silver, small and cute! haha

4. White glasses! hahaha I love to look striking and white specs will surely make me the centre of attention. It boost up my confident and always make others to realize about my existence without even talking to them. Will get it when I get back in Malaysia. murah!!! ;)

5. A new laptop. Still not deciding yet.

Owh no. The thinking process has made my five minutes turned into nearly 30 mins. Gonna stop now. wohhhhhhhhhhhhooooooo! Selamat Berjaya Hanafi Rahmat ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hey ya hey ya!

I got things to share and that explains why I'm here.

I just finished watching KAMI THE MOVIE. I like the movie but that doesnt mean I'm selling my pride by saying its the best. I just like it.

It's about our real life and the main issue is about FRIENDSHIP.

Being someone who easily get touched when it comes about FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP, thats the only reason for me to say I like this movie. I like the part when Abu remembering his brother. I like the scene when Ali felt guilty for his stupidity. I like it when Adi said to Sofie that everyone has their own secret and of course, the best actress in the movie, Liyana Jasmay of being Lynn who was being unbiased in doing her review of Ali's band to be published in the magazine. The story line is just awesome.

Apart from that, the scene that really touched me and ring a bell for me to make a short review about this movie is when Abu accidentally had been stalked by Boy, when he was actually trying to save Ali. That was superb! It brought back the memories, where my journey began and friendship was the one that hold me strong, to keep me pursuing my ambitions.

Yes, that was where the tears started running down, brought me to the far-est thing in my life, THE PAST. That was where I didnt feel lonely, there always support for me to do whatever I feel right and there were also those who didnt judge me but learn to get to know me without any hesitation and prejudice. I just love them all. They made me to be part of their family, as their brother and as someone that they didnt have to feel unsecure for sharing just everything about their life. I am missing those sweet moments.

I know that I am not a very good friend. I know that. However, just put it in your mind, once I have called you as my friend, it means to be forever. I'll never talk bad about my friends. I'll never backstab anyone of you. And I'll never ever and ever forgetting every single moments we shared together. Eventhough it is hard for me to keep in touch, that doesnt mean you guys not in my heart.


Monday, October 5, 2009


"ignorance is bliss"

owh tidak

buddha cakap

"in order to continue the process of individuality and reversing the process of suffering, a person needs to get away from being 'ignorance'"

dah korang pikir lah sendiri
aku tak bole pkir kalau tgh berkecamuk


too many secrets make you silly!

jangan jadik begini


korang pernah rasa happy tak?
rasa happy sgt2?
sure pernah kan?
tp, ke-happy-an korang tuh sure tak pernah unik
happy2 biasa2 je kan?
normal2 je? kan kan kan?

nih aku nk citer
ke-happy-an yg kuar biasa
pernah tak korang tgk baju korang,
pastuh korang happy?
pelik kan?
bukan baju cntik2
nih baju yg biasa2 korang pakai
alaa.. baju 'basan' mak aku cakap
*tatau tatabahasa tuh btol ke tak*

so pernah tak?
tak pernah?
aku pon tak pernah
tp hari nih
aku pernah
suke sgt2 tgk kt baju2 aku tuh
aku gembira
bukan sehelai, tp berhelai2!
banyak sgt!
beribu-ribu lemonnnnnn *wahh!*

korang tanak tau ke knape?
*nakkkkkkkkkkk! - jeritan kuat kedengaran*
bagus la korang nih
tak sia2 aku tulis post nih..

act, dah 4 hari aku sedih je tgk baju2 tuh
pelik kan?
perasaan mase tuh ala2 mcm org hilang anak
*matila over terlampau!*
tp harinih
baju2 tuh menyebabkan kau happy
senyum smpai nmpk semua gigi
senyum sampai ke pipi
senyum lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagiiiiiiii *echo*

ok la
aku pon dh malas nk taip
sbbnye, baju2 basan aku tuh dah kering!
sydney hujan seminggu ok!
naseb baek pagi tadi aku challenge diri aku untuk sidai kt luar
walaupun weather forcast cakap hujan berserta ribut taufan dan juga angin puting beliung!
*wahhhhhhh! mintak2 dijauhkan :p*

so skarang aku dh happy
happy happy joy joy
happy happy joy!
*terus menyanyi*

p/s: 2nd entry mengarut aku. Aku rase nk mengarut je lah pasnih! NO?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


aku rase
hidup seorang paling terbaik
semua sendiri
memang senang hati
hilang gusar
pergi lara
tiada kecewa

eh tapi
mana gembira?
mana lumrahnya?
mana indahnya?

oh mungkin aku yg patut berubah
buat ke sekian kali