Thursday, November 26, 2009

one more is leaving

it is a sudden decision. one more is leaving. leaving me alone here. i know it is just for temporary but knowing the fact that the number of my friends are decreased drastically due to the same reason - balik kampung, it makes me missing home more. but dont worry hanafi, your time will definitely come.

when mentioning about the word being left alone, i think it is better to be that way. less trouble and less complicated. and most importantly, less pretending. yes! dont get me wrong, i'm talking this in general, not dierecting to any specific person. i guess you guys should have known why the word 'thepretender' came from by now.

but hey. my friends are coming over to visit me!
yeay! they are definitely gonna make my days while they are here.
fatin, rahimy, faaris and shikin!
cepatlah! jom camwhore :P!

anyway, some of you guys might have read about my previous post and due to some personal reason, i had to keep it for a while until everything is clear. gonna repost it later.

p/s: tomorrow is hari raya aidiladha and i'm thinking of making mee udang! i'm not gonna wish u guys yet coz i'm thinking of making a special one tonight. and now i think i need to go to get the stuffs for my mee udang. chiow ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

hi hi bye bye

wearing that robe can have more than one meaning. it is up to where do u see it.
i am a visual person thus making me to have more advantage in interpreting this into my mind.

all the best


that are four. it can be more.

anyway, for a person like me, i'm gonna be the last one to have the opportunity to be given the first two wishes. may everything runs smoothly and hopefully, being the last means being the best. just like when you are in the corporate hierarchy, the CEO will always be in the last room.

but that doesn't stop me to feel the sadness of seeing people that i know, leaving me alone to survive. it is not a big matter but it is still making your heart to ponder.

to all my friends out there, may our friendship last forever. good luck ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


try to look for the definition of the word courtesy

1. excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior.
2. a courteous, respectful, or considerate act or expression.
3. indulgence, consent, or acquiescence: a “colonel” by courtesy rather than by right.
4. favor, help, or generosity: The costumes for the play were by courtesy of the local department store.
5. a curtsy.
6. done or performed as a matter of courtesy or protocol: a courtesy call on the mayor.
7. offered or provided free by courtesy of the management: While waiting to board the airplane, we were provided with courtesy coffee.

I believe everyone should know how to apply this in their daily life. It teaches us not to be someone who is self-centered and looking down on people.

Respecting and appreciating others especially those who are close to us will definitely make us realize the power of the word 'courtesy'.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Sydney is definitely a great place. I just realised it after nearly 3 years leaving as a Sydneysider. Ok, it should be half a year, minusing my stay in Dewan Malaysia.

Staying outside has broaden my views. I have more freedom and full control of myself. Since I am now becoming more challenging with myself, staying there will just make me living in my extremely comfort zone. I need to go beyond it to experience life and to learn the art of its essence. As far as now, I could say that I have no regret with my choice.

I am currently had fallen in love with the Sydney beaches. Summer and beach are very synonym. That makes Sydney at its best for the moment. To my surprise, I just realized about the excitement of being blow by the Sydney breeze while walking by the beach which is definitely the experience that none of us want to miss while having the chance to be here. Try it and you gonna love it just like I do.

Tomorrow one of my hsemates is going back to his hometown.
And that makes me missing home so much. I wanna go home. How I wish I can be the one who controls the time...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


hey hey hey

i'm back with my new watch! haha

ok people, this is where i need u guys to help me. i'm now having my semester break and i'm not sure what should i do within my free two months before my summer school start. here are some of the plans. help me help me to fill my free time so i wont be found dead due to lack of activities to do.

1. read books! yup i have bought a lot of books so that i can at least learn something from them. i'm thinking of exploring more about architecture, general knowledge, motivational and inner-self qualities. i found that they are very interesting. here are my explanations:

i) architecture: as an architecture student, i found myself lack of passion in this field. i am still at the stage of where the beginner stand eventhough i am already finished with my 3rd year at uni. thus, i need to read more about architecture, to polish my understanding about this field. at the same time, i need to start playing with my ideas and creativity so that it would be easy for me to go through my second phase of being an architecture student here in sydney. my plan is to read and understand every single articles in the architecture magazine that i have bought. i'm gonna buy more archi stuffs and try to make myself familiar with the architecture language. it is another foreign language that needs my deep understanding before being able to communicate well through my design and ideas. those who could help me with this thing, feel free to do so cause i'm definitely willing to learn.

ii) general knowledge: i need this so that i can at least put some facts while communicating with others. i learn this from my squash friends which are mostly Australian. every week after finishing with my weekly squash tournament, we would have some dinner between the players. here, they would be discussing about their daily activities, sharing infromation and discussing about any news they found intrigued to themselves. that is why, by feeding me with general knowledges, i can at least bring myself up to be part of the group. i dont want them to think that i'm nothing more that just a good squash player. i want to an all rounder ;)

iii) motivational: well, i love this field so much. it makes me feel great not just because it can motivate me but also it is actually can help me to boost up the confident for all the people around me. i love helping people and i love to make people happy. by exploring more about this field, i could improvise my skills especially in providing more realistic examples to be used in real life.

iv) inner-self qualities: this is the most interesting field to explore. everyone has their own potential to succeed but most of them do not know how to exploid it to be their main strength. this basically related to the self-confident of every human being in this world.

2. knowing the roots. i'm planning to explore about the Islamic History starting from the beginning of Islam. it is including about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhamma SAW, during the brilliance time of Islam and the cause for it to fall. i want to explore more so that i can relate it with my daily life, using the facts to motivate myself and also to counter any uninvited argument. Looking forward to finish this before next year.

3. take more beautiful and meanigful photos. the problem here is i dont know what should be the subject. any ideas?

three is enough i guess. i have to make sure that i must finish all of these before new year. besides all these, i wanna do more part time job! it improves my PR and communication with people.

and if you guys have more ideas on how i could 'walk the talk', feel free to drop your comments.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There is always hope

hey hola huuulaaaa hoop!

apa khabar semuaaaaaaaaaaaa?? sehattt???

the reason i'm back here just to tell you guys that i am now have finished with my 3rd year as an archi student! it seems like i just came to sydney yesterday and today, i'm done with it. pray that my results gonna be good so that i can further with my master next year.

anyway, what i want to share with you guys after this is about an experience that is just encountered by me, during my final presentation last thursday. "THE POWER OF DOA"

I started preparing for my final presentation a week earlier hoping that everything would run as what I had planned. However, it didnt turned out like what I had planned earlier. I only managed to finish my design model only the night before the presentation. Then I had to rush to do all of other requirements that were suppose to present during the presentation as well. Nothing else were in my mind rather that concentration with my works and the prayers to Allah with the hope that I could finish every single work by 9am the next day. But then, I only managed to finish all of the drawings and my design model but not my section model.

At first I thought I should be fine. Then later while taking my bath, it suddenly strucked my mind that, that model might be the cause for me not to further with my master. I was afraid. I had mixed feeling and my mind start to be negative, leaving me with no hope to hold on. After putting on my best attire, I kneel down and pray to Allah hoping that everyhting would be just fine. It worked! I got back the confident eventhough not much. At least I still got the courage to bring all my stuffs to uni on time. 10am sharp, I arrived at the studio.

However, different story happened here. I was very impressed with all of my other classmates' works. Not all, but those who had to present early. Then straight away my level of confident fall to the ground! ZERO. I packed all my stuffs and try to go to a place to be alone. There were some more works that I need to finish up. I had to make sure that my presentation gonna run just good, or at least it could still be considered in the intermediate group, not worst. I did some detail with my drawings, put all the drawings together and started to think on how should I do my presentation.

After finished, I went back to my class and asked my tutor about when is the time for my presentation. 2.40pm and it was 11.30am at that moment. I straight away packed up all my stuffs again, went back to finish my section model. However, while on the way back, it suddenly strucked me that I wont gonna make it. I am gonna screw my presentation. No confident. MINUS!

Then came to my mind about my mother. I asked her to call me back. Then I told her everything. Every single thing that bordering me at the moment. I had lost my confident. I felt like to skip the presentation and do it on other day. I cried! ( I know it sounds unmanly but that was what happened at that moment) I just cant control my mind from being extremely negative. The only think that kept running in my head was the word 'fail'. It scared me a lot.

However, the comfort words from a mother; the person that gave birth to me, the person that knows me the most, the person that is always at my side no matter what and the person that is considered as my positive inspiration; at that moment had at least cured the cancer that was in the progress to kill me. The more she kept talking, the more strength I got to fight back. I was nothing at the beginning of the call but in the end, I got the courage to finish the model and prepared for my presentation. I did it! My mom called me back just after I finished everything. Just in time.

I went back to uni with all my finished stuffs. I was the last person to present. Before the presentation I remember my mom's told me to just be confident and tell the juries everything that I had prepared. That was the first thing in my mind before I started explaining about my design idea.

Finally, when I was done with my part, then the jury went by saying that he liked my way of thinking and my design idea. And before everything approaching the ending, a sincere smile from my tutor with him thanking me for my presentation had really made my day! I did great! Alhamdulillah.

I smiled. The first smile for the entire design studio for this session. The most expensive smile.

Thousands of thanks to my mom who kept praying for my success. She is definitely my no 1. And for my friends out there who did the same. Thank you so much! Not forgotten, you who kept inspiring me with all the wisdoms and you, who always tried to help me eventhough you failed ;P. Thank you ;)

Something for all of you guys out there, dont loose hope. NEVER. When you feel unsecure, go look for you 'spirit builder', they will help you to survive. And dont forget Allah, HE is always there to help. Dont stop your praying to Him. InsyaAllah, the ending gonna be a smile.

p/s: Still waiting for my final result. Do me a favor, pls pray the ending gonna be a happy ending. Thank you ;)