Thursday, April 29, 2010


many things happened lately.

but all in all, they were all really a good experience

i'm quite busy lately. with the final presentation approaching in 2 weeks time, i'm definitely not gonna waste my every single free time. at this moment, "sacrifice" is my new best friend. I will make sure that my final presentation gonna be the bomb!

I learnt from my mistakes. Yes I do!
No more the same mistake this time.
And as for that, I should start doing the planning for all of these so that the end result gonna be just like what I have expected.

"Determination". Another word that I should consider at the moment. I know that this time around, I'm gonna be able to soar high. I had done once during summer, and this time, I could see that the chance is there, and I just need to put more effort, so that I could eliminate the rest of the 'contestants''. Some of them are doing well too but I need to do better than them. I should grab the title 'the best' and in order that to happen, 'sacrifice' and 'determination' with proper 'planning' should go along together.

Belief in yourself, you are born to be the winner! Just like what you always do in squash, do the same in architecture!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


the expression is priceless!
happy 23rd birthday ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


currently, at the moment, now...

hopefully everything's gonna be just nice. eh wait, perfectly done!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have progress discussion tomorrow (today) with my tutor about my design project. Hopefully, after 7days of non stop working on the design, day and night, staying up late, staying late at uni, etc etc etc. everything's gonna turn out fine,,,,,,, after that disastrous 1st presentation.

I'm actually still wanna work on it but, I believe my brain has reached its limit. I just cant think anymore. Definitely need some rest.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


kl-melb 20 dec 2010!

smile people smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

i want this!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Apology and Congratulations!


I checked my previous entry and guess what, i myself dont understand what am i talking about!
ok, the reason here is because i blogged using my ipod and it has some sort of automatic spelling functioned. when i type the word, it assumed that it knows what i want to type and simply change the word without me realizing it.

n now, when i read the post about SS = Start Saving, there were a lot of grammar, spelling, words, etc etc mistakes. And the composition of the sentences were weird and could not be understood! haha. but hey! it was really fun blogging through your ipod though!!!!!

and now, just wanna inform that i'm now in the top 13 of UNSW squash league! woahh, i started from the top 100 and now... time flies time flies...

mentioning about time, OMG!!! CHONG LI LI IS MARRIED!
one of my close friends from high school is MARRIED! browsing through her photo album in FB really makes me think about getting married! time flies time flies! i still see her as a nerd student with piles of books and files walking through the KYS foyer to go to the Resource Centre! Owh that was like 6 years ago? the time when everyone was very busy preparing for spm but now... hey hey hey! Chong Li Li is marriedddd!!!!!

Congrats chong!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm officially sick!

I went to work this morning at 8am. I helped my collegue to set up everything for the cafe. But at 9am, i was allowed to go back. My boss gave me the permission. I staright away went to the pharmacy to get some medicine. I have cough, flu and fever; a complete combination!

Since I'm not working, I'm now at uni, still doing my design. I need to finish up the overall planning by tonight!

Hopefully I'm getting better tomorrow.

yumm yummm steam boat!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I went to uni again today to finish up my design. I'm quiete satisfied with my overall planning of the embassy (my current project) but still need to do some clarification of the idea. I still need to do some more research to support my overall planning.

Anyway, that's not the main issue. I went back early today at 6.30pm. I just can stand the cold environment at my faculty. I didn't bring any jacket and staying there late is not a good idea. Moreover, I didn't feel well as I had running nose and cough! That doesn't make myself elligible to stay up late an resulting me to go back home early.

I went straight to my bed, and fall asleep until 10pm! The feeling doesn't getting any better and that was really making me uncomfortable, and worrying me since I'm working tomorrow.

The only solution I could think were to take few vitamin c and honey. As for the honey, I diluted it with some hot water since having it just like that might be a problem for me since I'm not in the mood of taking any honey. By making it as a drink, it is a lot better cause I could just imagine it as the normal drink.

Get well soon!

SS = Start Saving!

A conversation with a friend of mine at the cafe suddenly triggered me while I'm doing my laundry. She told me about some good point about her husband. I know as well. He's my autocad teacher.

She said that his husband, whenever he would like to buy something, he would first look at the price first. Later, he would do the calculation, save money everyday. For example, if let say he saw a watch and he liked it. N the price is aud200 for example. He would then save aud2 per day until the total saving is aud200 which takes him 100 days to keep maintaining the saving. Then he would straight away go to the shop and get the watch.

I am very impressive with his way of managing his money. Another good example is he is planning to watch the Australian Open early next year and then, he told his wife to start saving from the early of his year. He is saving an aud1 per day!

My point here is, he looks at things not in a small scale and then gonna become a bigger one after the accumulation if the total, within certain period of time. Unlike me, I see things as big, and if I like it, I would straight away get it. That is why, I prefer to shop during sale so that I won't feel bad whenever I'm owning the thing that I bought. Owh one thing that is good about me, before getting the stuff, I would think about it many many times so that I won't regret after owning the stuff.

However, the problem with my way of seeing thing is, I need to be ready at all the time. I should maintain my saving at certain amount, after considering about my monthly expenses. As for my friends, he might have to wait for certain period of time before owning the thing that he had be aiming for. Another factor to consider is the availability of the product. If he is seeing the price during sale, I don't think that it would be the same price after 3 months. The product might as well is already out if stock.

The advantage of his way is he could get the thing that he wants eventhough it is not on sale. One additional good thing about this is the excitement he could achieve after the long waits before owning the stuff. I'm sure it is definitely worth it! As for my way, I could enjoy the excitement of owning the stuff immediately and could staright away l
exploring about the stuff. And it is always in trend ( if I get it not during sale :p)

therefore, what I could say about this two ways of seeing things is we need to save money! No matter what ways we are using, saving money will definitely gonna help us in future. My father always tell me this,

" in the year to come, it is the world of money. You need money to survive!"

and looking at what is happening at the moment, my father is absolutely right! And i'm definitely agreeing with him.


I stayed at uni since 11am until now. By the time I'm writing this post, my brain just could not accept anything more and I beleive the best thing to do is to take a break. I'm going home at 2am.

N yes, Ive started to take the my daily supplements and the result was great. I could feel the different and loving it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I sleep like a baby

Just got back from work.

I told my collegue at the cafe that I was not as fit as before. I'm usually could stay up at night until morning doing my assigment. But now, after I get home from work, I would rather go to my bed and leave all my assigments just like that. I don't have the courage or energy to stay up. Owh I just love to sleep!

But after sharing the problem with my friend, then I realized that one of the reason is because Ive stopped taking the supplements. I'm usually take the man multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin c and brain's supplements. But, I stopped taking all of them after I moved to my new place. The only reason was just because of the laziness in me!

I'm gonna start taking all of them back after this.


I woke up in the middle of the night to pay whatever I have owed. With the hope that I could get the old one that I had owned before. But it is not as easy as I thought. I need more practise!

I felt lost. Something is bordering me that I could not explain of what it is. I know I could ind the answer but it has to be done in a proper way. The problem is, I'm not in the proper direction at the moment. I need to look back, turn back and walk back, looking bAck to the old me and find what did I do tha makes me felt blessed.

I just want to be blessed...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There's a time that we would feel bad ourselves, lazy, and not feeling well without any specific reason. In fact, you just wanna going around, to have your own time. Whenever tired, u would just go and lying down on the bed to have a nice and comfy nap.

However, everything would be spoilt just like that if there is something that is not happening according to your own way. The feeling is like when someone come to you and suddenly tell you something that is not funny but hoping that you gonna laugh! Hey, that's not happening!

So this is what I felt. Not feeling good. Don't know what is the cause of all this. I just wanna slip away from the reality and get into my wondrland,,, for a while....


I bought:

1. Crocs
2. Sandal
3. Umbrella
4. Magic globe + light saber
5. Nemo
6. Food

Drama king!

A customer came to my cafe and was asking for the coffee without realiIng that the coffee machine is ou of order.

" excuse me, can I get one large capucinno pls"

" aaaaaaaaaaa*trying to sounded pitiness* the machine is out of order sir. I'm so sorry"

" owh it's ok"

he left and then a friend of mine came to me and tell me this,

" drama siot kau! Nak ber aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa plak!"

hahahahahahaha I was lAughing very hard!

she's the one


Owh owh owh! This is definitely another great chapter in my Easter holidays! Easter show was great!!!!!!!!!..............eventhough the amount of aud33 were only meant for shopping! Hahaha

Great companions are the secret of happy trip! Thanks guys.

Will do the update + photos and the things that I bought after I've upload the photos into my laptop. Hey hey hey! It was definitely interesting. !!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Tomorrow is the day, the time, the event that I have been waiting for! It's time to get away from the real world and start to have fun!

1. I wrote the statement above with no intention of saying it. It is just my propaganda to make it sounds more interesting and portraying its festive element.

Will do the updates about the event after I'm done with it ;)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pros and fonts

I hate making decision. Once we finalized it and go for what we have decided, we are 100% gonna be responsible for it! That part was really nood good, according to me. However that is what we need to considr as we grow older.

I might be given a good sense of communication and know quite well about what should be the best solution for others, however whenever it comes to my own decision, I'm very hesiTated to deciside. It is very subjective and the main reason why this is happening, it is just too subjective to handle. Sometimes I even wish for that I could have a look At yhe book which all of the futures event that gonna happen to me could be checked. That would be great so that I would always be in the right track.

And now, I'm still have the same way of thinking about it and still afraid of my own decision. Not just about normal daily life but also in terms of what I wanna do achieve in future. Looks like I really need to find way to get away from his kind of feeling THEN I could see myself high but do not forget to look down at the same time.

I know I can do it and I'm definitely very positive of myself!

Love story

Hehe... I don't know whether it is suitable or not to share about this. But, I still feel thatit is kinda interesting to give a thought about it.

I love watching the love story! Not the one in cinema but the real one. The one involving my friends as the lead actor and actress! haha.

Why? Whenever we Are talking about love, it must have to get involve with affection relAtionship between two parties. N the best part is defintely the storyline of the drama, it is a true story, wher u could actually try to relate it with ur life.

Anyway, I just feel like to share the drama of the night which was happen through fb! N I beleive , long distance relationship is the cause of all. I don't know what to tell about this since I don't think that I'm the right person to share any opinions regarding this matter. But, in this case, I really think that the other party is the one should get the blame. That perticular person was just so not understanding and not being considerate to what is happening to the partner.

Come on! Love needs trust and if you love that person, you should be trusting that person. I know it is kinda hard judging by the current pattern nowadays , but I believe that you should know your partner better after building up the mutual relationship for a period of time. I don't know about the story from the other party but being someone who is on the fence, not being influence from Any parties, merely done the observation through what I have seen everyday, I really think that the other party is just being too much!

The one here was trying so hard to make that party feels happy all the time and always try to as best as possible to fulfill everything that is being wish for by other party. However, that other party seems like has lost the sense of being considerate! That person just wanted to have everything to on according to to is the person wishing for. That is wrong! A wrong way to lead a mutual relationship between two opposite sex! I'm sure, that wuould last long. Any time by now. And that's definitely a great follower of this love story, DISCREETLY! Hehe

can't wait to watch the ending!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Planning is vital

It's holidays! Easter holidays!

I'm not suppose to be here, updating my blog for every minutes, no, this is not suppose to happen. What I should do at the moment is to start looking for the infos for my design. I need to look up for the common dimension used for stairs, rooms, balcony and all of other convention used in daily design materials.

" you need to start measuring things. Measure every single things that you like. You have a measuring tape right?"

Owh that was very embarrasing. It seems like I don't learn from my mistakes!

That was supposed to be my plan for today, until I found out that my iPod could be used to update my blog. So, here I am. Lying down on my bed with an iPod charged to the laptop, typing down every single thing that came to my mind. Eventhough the keypad was not really user friendly but it still not a problem. N it looks like my typing rate per second keep increasing per blog entry i made! That's really a good progress and I'm definitely loving it!

Oh ya, since this is holidays, it would be boring if it is not being filled with something that is rarely being done during the uni days. I have a few plan and hopefully everything gonna be run smoothly.

1. Sydney Royal Easter Show
this is not my 1st time since I went there in my 1st year. But this time around, I wanna stay there from morning till night. My friends told me that the events are more interesting during night. Many lights would definitely give many different feeling and excitement! Can't wait to experience it, again! Owh, did I tell u about the goodies bags? Yeah, gonna be amazing!

2. Steam boat
we are planning to have this since all of us are craving to have steamboat here. It is hard to get it outside unlike whenwe were in Malaysia. There are a lot of things to be considered especially about the halal- ness of he food and also the price! Services here in Sydney are very expensive and to have a steamboat, that would be more pricey!

3. Autocad class
I still have a few more topic to be learn from abg man and hopefully I could fond time to meet him and finish up everything. Autocad is damn hard but definitely gonna be easier after proper training and certain time of practicing it! I can do it!

4. Design design design
this is a must thing for me to do. The plan is, I go uni for the whole day and start doing my work! Design design drawing drawing architorturing archiChoke! I need to come up with better plan and finish up everything before Tuesday the week after Easter break so that I could take the advantage of meeting Harry after the lecture. I'm desperate for his comment on my work after a very bad presentation yesterday ! 10% were gone just like that!

That's all and pray that all of this plans will be done during this holidays! Happy holidays everyone :)

When the time's comes...

I read sensasi selebriti more frequent than utusan Malaysia. Haha. I just like knowing any stories about our Malaysian artistes. To me, eventhough they are not as great as the international artistes, I still feel that they are special to me, maybe because of the common things that they and I have - malaysian! When talking about Malaysia, I'm a very patriotic person. Eh, what's the connection between both things ? Haha

I was very shocked when I read about the death of din beramboi. I'm one of his fans nd really admire his spontaneous respond during pagi di era. He's fast and everything that come out of his mouth were really funny and at the same time, could fit the topic that wasdeing discussed. He's definitely a very talented artiste. And it is absolutely a very great lost the the country. I don't think that he couldbe replaced by someone else.

I have to admit that I'm not one of his die hard fan but his every jokes alwways made me laugh very hard! I could feel his jokes. They are very natural and relax but extremely funny. Evrytime I listen to his jokes, it always makes me thinking that how did he managed to give such an immediate respond, sounded relax and normal but extremely funny!

But today, whenever I listen to pagi di era, things will definitely different. There will be no more short drama between him and the caller. There will be no more stupid funny jokes. There will be no more mr din beramboi and aznil nawawi will definitely feel a great lost since the duo between both of them were great! I love to listen at aznil's laugh whenever din was 'arguing' with the caller during the short drama session. And defitely, the best part of all whenever the caller themselves could not managed to control their laughter after a fair ' fight' with him.

For Din Beramboi, may u rest in peace and will be placed with the all the Allah's lover. Al- Fatihah.


Ok. My presentation yesterday was very very very bad! N I'm not gonna blame anyone else since it was clearly my mistake! Nothing I could do besides just take it with an open heart, and work harder for the next one! I know I can do better than that. Defintely!

Anyway, it is April already!!!! Owh owh owh..

Lastly, I played squash yesterday !!! Since I was having a bad day, I was not putting high hope to win the game. But alhamdulillah,I made it! Hehe