Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hi Ayah

owh owh owh
smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

just remember,
i will make a squash court as one of the compulsory element when i design my house
and my kids are definitely gonna become the squash champions!

even though they are as many as the football team
but squash is definitely their main game!

there will definitely
a comic named after my name ' anak-anak hanafi '!
n the series as well!
a new epic of squash,
from kampung kids to the top of the world!


p/s; this is what happened when the weather is too cold and you dont want to stay away from your bed. your imagination is your main power!
eyy come on!!!
i'm just another normal human being
with bit of civilization and great attitude
and brain!

owh dont forget
i can do more than what u expect
look at me
yea, you are looking into the eyes of the dragon!

it is

i love to know the meaning of everyone's name and the reason they are being given with that particular name. and that does not exclude myself as well. however, i have the problem to remember the meaning and after a few days, i still have to keep searching of the name back.

usually, the only time that i could do that is when i pay a visit to a new mom or anyone that is just get a new baby. if i'm lucky enough, i would find the book of good names for the muslim baby. then i would start searching for my name and of course, i'm gonna be smiling in the end.

Muhamad Hanafi Rahmat

When i look at my name and when i say it out loud, I feel that it is perfectly suits myself. I like the sounds and how it is being spell, it is perfectly done and beautifully arranged. Every words have its own meaning and all of them can stand by their own if we try to pull them apart. the combination of all makes it the most perfect grouping but when you try to fit it in different ways, it is not as good as my name.

Muhamad Rahmat Hanafi
Rahmat Muhamad Hanafi
Hanafi Muhamad Rahmat

eventhough they might looks okay, but it is not as perfect as when you say

Muhamad Hanafi Rahmat

if you really say it with the full heart, with the understanding of its meaning i am sure, you could actually feel that this is the perfect combination eva. It is unique but does not look unique. It is very meaningful and looking just normal. and one thing for sure, it is the name for another great human being for sure!

its our problem

a question that i keep asking myself,

" should i keep everything just to myself? "

it always came into my mind and i dont fail to stick with it. it gives me more freedom and less trouble to think about. i am just as free as a bird, fly fly and high above to the sky!

but, when things are not on the right track, i get frustrated with no one to give the helping hands. i know at that moment, i just want people to at least say they are sorry for me but due to my stubbornness, i have to face everything by my own.

i always hope that there is someone who can read my mind and translate everything that come out from me and at the moment, i'm still by my own. i know it is unfair if i say that no one care about me since not everyone is given the same talent as mine, however, i am still thinking that all of these can actually be learnt through life experience. just pay extra attention and you will definitely solve the puzzle.

in this case, just take everyone as the same as you. it is just their ego that always make them wanna look different from the outside but not in the inside.

lesson 1

i got my contact lenses today and the epic continues with me putting it onto my eyes for the first time. and to tell the truth, it was the hardest thing i had ever done in my life! it took me more than one and a half hour just to put it into my right eye and at certain point, i was nearly give up!

at first i thought it only took few minutes but considering me of having small tiny eyes, it made things more complicated because my eyelashes keep blocking me from putting the lens into my eye.

another thing is, it made my eyes dry which is then making it tired. after 5 hrs using it, i felt very uncomfortable and luckily i was already back at my house so i could just took it off and put back my glasses on. and yeay, it is back to normal! :)

anyway, i'll give it another try tomorrow and hopefully, everything gonna go well. today's uncomfortability might be due to the tiredness after a day of non-rested activities. my day started as early as after suboh (around 6.40am) and then straight to the UNSW squash court for some coaching. then i continued my day by doing some cleaning at my house before going back to uni to meet my friend for contact lenses-tutorial ;P at night, i went for bowling and only reached back at my home sweet home at 11.30pm.

it is with no doubt a very tiring day for me. good nite!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nearly there

Watching south Korea and Uruguay with a plate of 'buah melaka' & a jug of 'teh halia' on the coffee table.

That's the set of the night but not the main issue.

Syd-S'pore for my parents n myself tickets are already secured! N now, I need look for Spore-JB or Spore-KL.

One more question bothering me, should I stay in Spore for a day, then only go back on the 1st day of 2011?

Anyway, hopefully everything gonna go well n my dream of seeing my parents to have a special holidays for themselves will finally come true :) insyaAllah.

Friday, June 25, 2010


i should be a psychiatrist...

but with style!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

do or not to do?

i love surpriseeeee! haha

my white glasses broke while i played squash last few weeks. then I told my mom about it and asking her to go to the optometrist where i bought the frame, asking them whether they could change it with the new one.

but then, it actually took her many days to go there since no one is free at the moment. plus, everytime my dad went to the shop, it is still closed and i dont think that my dad is a person who loves to wait.

Few days back, while i try on my new suits (yep, just bought it purposely for my graduation :p), i did took some photos of me with n without specs. then a thought came to me 'why dont i try to use contact lenses? i look good though, with or without specs ;p hahaha). so, when i called my mom that night, i told her to ask the optometrist how much the cost for the contact lenses and is it possible for her to buy it for me and post to sydney. that was just a plan cause i'm still not sure whether no wear or not to wear the contact lenses. it is my first time, so it is something new and i'm not familiar with it.

but then, last two days, i went to bring my white glasses for repair at one of the optometrist in Randwick. Since I was already there, I did asked the optician about contact lenses. According to him, I have to get the prescription from the local optician about my eyes and bring it back to him, then only he could make the contact lenses for me.

however, when taking consideration about the cost, it is very costly to make the contact lenses here. i have to pay for the consultation fees for the prescription on top of the price of the contact lenses which is aud2 per day! that is very expensive and i dont think i would waste my money on that.

but then, on the same day, i got a call from my sister telling me that my mom already bought 3 pairs of contact lenses for me. i was so surprised. that's it! i'm gonna use contact lenses after this!

sejuknya malam nih! good luck for my final match before semi final next week!.

ehem2. hows my new cheap giordano winter jacket? its greeennnnnnnn people! haha

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

passion or patient?

i thought it is easy to have a passion towards something. we just need to sit down and do the thing! but then, for someone like me, it does not work. maybe it is because i did not put much effort into it.

looking back to my type of personality, i am someone who is happy go lucky, loves talking and definitely talk a lot! owh, i am definitely could be a talking machine when mixing with the right group. i loves meeting people, talk talk and talk! thats why i dont mind being a waiter as my part time job here.

however, whenever i try i relate myself with the course i am doing at the moment, i still could not imagine myself as an architect.

"owh thats a really hard course!"
"wow, u must be really clever!"
"is it? u must be a smart boy!"

those were the responds i got whenever my customers were asking about what course i do at uni. i am obviously gonna be very very proud and happy when getting such praises but, it wont last long. i just feel that it ended there because, i still could not see myself with the title AR in front of my name.

sometimes, when i see my roommate doing his architecture work, i feel jealous with him. he is definitely willing to sacrifice everything for architecture. browsing through his work, with no doubt, his skills in this field is far more better as compared to mine. i have tried to be like him, as in putting more efforts, trying to do more research, be more creative and other things that probably could boost up my skills but then, it is still not as good as what he has done. it might not a good design , but the work and presentation, definitely something which could covering everyone's eyes who are looking at it.

unlike my work, when involving computer, i am still a numb! i hate the fact that i am very very slow with technology. yes i have improved since the first time i came here but still not to the expected skills that i should have mastered!

anyway, how am i gonna grow more passion towards architecture? at this particular point i am writing this, my answer is a yes but it is a very slow progress. lets compare it with squash. i am one of the good squash players at my uni and i know that i have a very deep passion in squash! i could play non stop for six games everyday! but when involving design, i would rather to spare an hour per day! haha.

how about my part time as a waiter? yep, i am definitely one of the best! my customers could remember my name and they will definitely say hi to me whenever they see me after work. and sometimes, they only want me to serve them which is a great pleasure to me. n that grows my passion towards my job.

taking those two examples, i could conclude that my passion towards something can be grew if and only if, i get the LIMELIGHT! haha. in simple word, i only have a passion with something that could give me popularity! hahahahaha. so should i change my future career from an architect to an artiste? (OMG!) i am definitely gonna become the next siti nurhaliza, with millions and millions of awards every year! plus, i am actually can do better than her because i think i am one of the artiste with the brain ( hahahahhaha!)

ok i'm being lame but tracing back from all my success before, i work for publicity and popularity! so, relating back to architecture, the most reasonable reason which could boost up my passion is by being the top student in the class. i did it once during summer and i think i did the same last sem (owh hopefully the result is even better compared to my summer's). so, at the moment, the progress is increasing, getting developed day by day. i should make a plan and start make full use of my current holidays in improving my skills with the technology involving architecture. yes, i know i cando it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

i'm definitely need to start fasting next week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Meminta maaf tidak merendahkan harga diri,
orang yang memaafkan mempunyai hati yang besar

Saturday, June 12, 2010

we are family!

First: click play at the video

second: look at the photo below

they are part of my families here.
they are my parents
they are my brothers
they are my sisters
they are my friends
they are everything to me!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm definitely gonna miss them all
The journey together gonna end soon
I have no choice but to accept it
Hopefully, it will last forever
I've lost some that I love
But not this time around

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Uni uni uni

I'm hibernating myself to the studio! It is finally winterrrrrr!!!!!!

It is all right. 2 more days n then I'm free.

Owh. I'm celebrating raya in Melbourne! Balik kampungggggg :p

N parents ticket to kl-melb-syd are settled! Now looking for the bargain for return ticket to kl! MAS kenapa kedekut sgt????????! Haihhh

N my another mission by the end of this year, Nikon D90! Or probably before my parents reaching here so that their moment here would be beautifully captured:p tak sabarlah diorang nak dtg!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm. Should I bring them to gold coast? Hmmmmm. Cheap bargain from airasia plssssssssss.

Chiow. My 1to20 sectional - construction model needs my attention.