Thursday, December 24, 2009

a problem shared is attention gained

I believed that when I am starting to complain about my fate, there will always someone who stand up and tell me that there are other person who is not as lucky as I am. I always try to counter back but it definitely will end up that I am nothing against what is being said. I am definitely on the same track as the person who said that to me. I am still a lucky person.

However, one thing for sure, how lucky you are with your life, you still cannot run from having your own problem. It can be personal which you do not want to share with others or it is also can be something that you dont even bother if others knowing about it. As for me, I am not a person who loves to tell my every stories and make myself just like a 'living library'. No, I am not that type of human being. I leave everything to myself because I know I have the confident level as high as the mount Everest, that I will find my way back.

Talking based on my first experience, I am just another egoistic person who dreams to soar high but ended up got bitten by the eagle. Look at yourself, you just a butterfly. You can't fly high. Well, a person like me, by convicting a mistake, I learn my lesson.

At this point of me writing this, I am trying to change for a better. I create my own support group. I learn this from one motivational book that I read and I believed that it is really beneficial to me. This particular group is consisting those people who always having positive thoughts about me and keep pushing me, reminding about what to do and also, providing courage whenever I am feeling hopeless. They could do it in many ways, virtually or invisible. Both ways would work as long as they are purely from heart with the message of genuinely trying to pull up my spirit to fight for my rights! This is how I am still could escaping myself from doing something that is beyond my limit, going against my principle in life.

Besides, continuous prayers, asking for help from The Above is definitely another way to lift up the spirit. You could only do the planning but He is the one who determines everything. You might think you have done enough, but if He doesnt want to allow you, you are definitely could not make it. But remember, a reminder for myself too, as a Muslim, our prayer is our sword. Hold it tight, InsyaAllah you will succeed. By having said that, you need to beleive in what you are praying for. Believe that you will definitely get it. If it is not sooner, it might be later. Keep the prayers going.

Therefore, for those out there who are feeling lost or down, just remember that you are not alone. Create your own support group and keep the prayers going. Believe that you are going to make it and be prepared of what is going to be decided for you. At this moment, the choice it is not yours, but it definitely the best thing that can happen to you. Keep the spirit going and sooner or later, you will ace it. Never give up and remember, 'a problem shared is attention gained'. Keep that in mind, and start soaring!