Friday, November 26, 2010

If i am rich. I would just ignore everything. And enjoy my life.

I dont wanna work.
I go travel overseas.
All around the world.

One day it will come true

Friday, November 19, 2010

New applications installed

I turned it on before going to sleep. When I woke up, I felt fresh and my body felt relax. Nice sleep and fully rested ;)

Great way to start my day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Salam aidiladha buat semua :)
Selamat berbahagia di samping keluarga tersayang :)
Orang selalu cakap Melayu tuh pemalas. Betul ke tak?

I dont know how to respond for this kind of question. Im a Malay myself. Obviously i will get offended if someone mention that in front of me.

Until know, i dont wanna take that as the real truth. I have to disagree because i dont consider myself as part of the group - the lazy one. But when i start to think about it, im just another one of them. Im lazy im lazy and im lazy.

What should i do!? Im so confused.

Lets do the comparison. My indo friends; they are chinese by the race. The different i could see is they know that they are not smart, then they create their own group to study and discuss together. Then they used their own language as way of communication. Same goes to the students from China. They did exactly the same. Study group with those from China.

As for the Aussie, they have the overall advantage. The language, the place and the environment. They still can survive eventhough they have to work individually. They dont have to border about how to present it since it is all conducted using their mother tougue. What they have to work on just the knowledge, the information that is going to be presented to the rest of the class.

As for my Vietnam friend, they know that they are lacked in term of communications, however, they really work hard in digging the knowledge or while doing the research. Never give up! They keep pushing any ideas they think is right despite the handicap they have on conversing the ideas. They will find ways on how to make their idea look outstanding! They are also very smart, which makes them very brave to get others attention onto them.

As for me. I work hard. Really hard. Sonetimes i work smart. I should combine both then ill grab the top student title! Anyway, the different me and my international friends, im easy to satisfy with my work. I should push the idea a lot deeper then i could succeed with my idea.

It is unfair if im representing the entire Malay community because i know, there are my friends are not like me, however, that is just the top10% of them. The common malay is fully represented by me. Probably half of me since i know that im not lazy, most of the time!

Therefore, how should i conclude this post? Malays are lazy is partially right. Tye correct word is nit lazy, the correct one supposed to be 'well-pampered'. The culture and the surround environment had shaped them to what they are today.

Just take the education system as example. Here in Sydney, it is a 50-50 learning bases between the teachers and the students but in Malaysia, the students are well-fed by the teachers. The students who memorize the most will score the highest. It is somehow lacked of the creative thinking and problem solving skills. This is where, assignment given to bring back home can play its role.

I guess i should stop now. Time to sleep :) gd nite

Monday, November 8, 2010


A gift from someone special. I love the smell very much :)

The beginning

If i'm still wanna continue with this, i definitely need to start developing my own style. A must.

Hmm. Lets start with the type of reading ....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010


A prove that i shouldnt be an architect.

Is this the end of it?

This blog is dedicated to only good things :) im being good here.

How about the bad ones? Hehehe. I found new ways of expressing them!

Owh, im probably gonna close this blog. Maybe just maybe.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

By the time i'm writing this, yes, i'm still undecided on what should i do for my future. I dont want to an architect! I think

Kuih kuihhhh!!

Nak makan kuih? Ask me how!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I hate it when i know i can do better but it was already too late! Haih.. It is always like that. Should carefully do it next time!

One thing to remember, do trust your instinct! When you feel something is wrong, there should be something is wrong. Beware!

Lesson learnt! Dont do it in the future.