Sunday, August 31, 2008


lantakla... aku skip dulu entry2 yg aku utang..
cume sekarang nih aku rase aku takde mood.. asyik pikir nk balik m'sia je..
lagi2 tinggal sehari je nk pose.. pastuh adik aku ckp ayah dah poskan kuih raye..
n sekarang nih tetibe je lagu raye m nasir kuar.. 'satu hari di hari raya'..
petang td pulak ramai2 pakai baju raye pi amek gmbar ntok salam perantau..
seryesly, aku nk balik!! dh lame tk balik..
aku nk buke dgn mak, ayah, adik2..
raye pon nk dgn diorang..
mmg tak same..amat bebeze..

rindu kt sumer.. walopon susah nk zahirkn, tp itulah hakikatnye..
skarang nih aku rase kosong sgt2.. aku nk mak aku..
die sumber inspirasi aku.. die segalanya..

apsal nih?
merapek je la

dan sekarang nih aku terpikir pasal doraemon.
kan best kalo ade doraemon.. aku tak kesah jadik nobita..

p/s: selamat hari merdeka ke-51 Malaysiaku

Happy Birthday Munir!!!

Happy Birthday MUNIR!! Semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki..
All da Best!!

p/s: I'm busy with lots of things rite now.. gonna update all the events after everything turns to normal. stay tune! :p

Monday, August 25, 2008


O Allah,

guide me among those whom You guided,

relieve me from sickness among those whom You relieved,

support me among those whom You supported,

bless for me what You gave me.

Protect me against the evil of what You created,

for You are the One Who orders (ordains)

and not the One Who is ordered (ordained for).

Whomever You support is not weakened and ignored,

and whomever You oppose is not dignified.

O our Lord,

may Your givings increase.

You are the Supreme One Whose status is high and great

and You are clear of any imperfection.

Praise is due for what You ordained.

I ask You for forgiveness and I repent to You.

May Allah raise the rank of Muhammad,

and his Al and Companions.

May Allah protect the Prophet’s Nation from what he feared for it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just the beginning

Dont underestimate your camera, in fact, any of your belongings. What is more important is the technique and how u dealing with it. Not what type of gadget u are using. This doesnt mean that u cannot have the latest gadget to have the best result but what i'm trying to say is, no matter what u r using, think that it is the best that u have and try to use your self-superior-skill to overcome any of its flaws.
A new lesson learnt!

top, right hand corner!!!

Haha.. To make thing easy for u guys to understand, one of the photographs which taken by me was awarded as one of the 'Honorary mentiones' in the Shoot International 2008 - a photo competition runs by the International Student Department of Arc Student Representative Council (something like UNSW student representative society). The photo was taken by me during the Kelab UMNO Unsw Bowling Tournament and that was during my first two week since the camera has became my own property. Canon Sx100is - My new killing tool!!!

Anyway, click here if u still have no idea of what bowling tournament i'm talking about. And if u guys still curious about what kind competition was that, this is the link to the website. U can see the other photos which also taking part in it. Oh ya, forget to mention that all of the top 10 photos of the competition were published in the UNSW Weekly Magazine - Arc and would be exhibited during the UNSW International Festival, held on 17 and 18 September. Looking forward to come for the event and have my photo taken beside my my first masterpiece! :P


Actually, dah lame dah aku simpan post tentang nih. Cume malas je nk publish. So, alang2 aku nk update blog arinih, nie ade something which can be shared with u guys. Menarik!! :P

oh ye, kalo sesape tatau Kedah tuh ape, nih ade link yg bole korang tgk. haha

segan= malas

kona = belok

katup = tutup

pi = pergi

mai = mari

ciwi = bangga/poyo

gerek = basikal

camca = sudu

ketegag = degil

tertomoih = tersungkur

baloq = malas

Besaq gajah tok mia = besar

hawaq=nakal gla2..budak 2 hawaq gla,hehehe

lau = reban

loqlaq = cuai

habaq = bgtau(example: mai sni ak nk habaq kat ampa)

:ceqok tok kun= tmpt ulu banat

sengkak=kenyang nak mampoih




juboq = dubur

reyaw = teriak, menangis.

belomoih = comot

perongoih = pemarah

Mengah = tercungap2

merela = gatal

Meluat = benci

peghosek = selongkar

menyoghok = breakfast

menyeghengeh = sengih

teloq = telur

hang = engkau,kamu

sayup = lambat

qimbok = blasah kau2 punya

meruwah = kencing

berdedam = byk gla

mengaji = belajar

hingaq = bising

kalut = kelam kabut

tokak = gigit

panaih lit2 = panas gile

manih melecaih = manis gile

hitam meghelit = hitam gile

Habes dh bace? Confirm pasnih bole jadik org Kedah! hehe

Sunday, August 10, 2008

27 Rejab

Aku tau skrang dh masuk Syaaban dh pon. Tp bile tgk je video nih, rase best plak..
Nmpk mcm kite ade sekali kt dalam journey tuh.. And subtitle lagu tuh membolehkn kite imagine ape yg kite jumpe mase journey tuh. Well done to the composer of the video! U really have done a good work!! n congrats jugak kat lagu nasyid tuh.. the song composition + the lyric are soo meaningful! Dapat mengimbas kembali cerita Isra' Mikraj yg jarang sekali kite dengar..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New trick!

the 1st one
and the 2nd one

Do u guys see any different? yeah, the blurr part around the 2nd photo make it different!
Anyway, just wanna share the tips so that u guys can have fun while editing your photo before showing it to the public. hehe . I'm sure lots of u guys have already know how to do it but for those who is still not sure, keep reading! Before i proceed, just wanna thank bro wanhidayat for telling me the secret of most of his photos in his blog :P hehe

The 1st thing is u have to download Picasa sofware. It is another photo editing programme by Google and it is free unlike photoshop. Then choose any photo that u wanna edit from there. Next, click at effect and choose 'soft focus'. U can change the amount of blurring part on your photo by moving the cursors. Save your edited version in a different name.

And if u are still not satisfy with the brightness of the photo, open it with photoshop, and go to the image adjustment, set your own brightness and contras. It's all done!!! Good luck..

p/s: if anyone knows how to do the same trick using photoshop, feel free to drop your comment :P thanks

Melbourne - 3rd

Since this was our last day in Melbourne, let me bring u guys to see our rented house while we were in Melbourne. Glad to say, all of us were happy with the house and credit to Fatin for being the one responsible for our accommodation.

Our house! I was thinking of putting the photo showing the whole house but there was no such pic. Sorry, this is the best among all that i have ...

Dining area


Living area

My bed!

We decided to have one group photo before leaving for Sydney.

Ok, i mean two.

On the way back, we stopped at the Queen Victoria Market. This is the best place if u guys thinking of buying souvenirs. Lots of stuffs can be found here and lots of bargaining as well!!

Some of the accessories

They also have this kind of thing - Wet market eh? I dont know what should it be called..

Another view of the place. This was the last place we stopped. (minus those places we stopped for food and when we felt like stopping :p)

Oh ya! This image was captured on the way back to Sydney. It was early in the morning. Yes, it was -1 degree celcius!! Freeeeezzeeeee!!!!

Melbourne - 2nd

We went to Phillip Island on our second day in Melbourne. Not all of us actually, we were divided into two groups. The other group went to have their shopping day in the city! And they were the one in charge with the food for our BBq that night. Thanks guys! Anyway, here are the captured moments while we were at that lovely island. Mind u guys, we are born to be the models! :P

While waiting for one of my friends at the Information Centre, I could not resisted myself from my 'model ego'. With the support from that sports car, I just love being the main focus of all! :p

Just like what I've said, ALL of us loved doing this kind of thing! Plus, we are good at it. So, why should we waste the talent we have?

Okay. This was our first stop - Chocolate Factory!! This would be everone's favourite spot!!

On the way to the Churchill Island, we found a new looking God creation for us! And this photo was immediately snapped by me from the car. I was kinda scary to go down. Look at that pointed horns and by knowing that I'm a pessimistic person (only at this particular time :p), make your own conclusion!~ :p

They were not alone!!!

After arriving at the Churchill Island, more photo shoots sessions were being held!

Since we are creative, everything would turn out to be great masterpiece!!! hehe

I would pity the horse if it was real. hehe

Lost? Think again!!

At the same place with the different theme

My Hindustan movie in the making!! This were taken at the Churchill Island as well. And for u guys information, this place basically has a lot of animals for us to see but by looking at this photo and the next two, u guys should already know what were we interested in! hehe

The drama begins.... Kuch kuch ho ta hai!! hahahha

Then i realized, it was hard to be an actor:P

Look at that scary face! haha.. I could not stop laughing when thinking about this incident

This was our second stop which i've forgotten the name of the place. Basically, it was a place for us to see the wild kangaroo and the koala bear. Belive me, dont waste your time to come here if u are happen to go to Phillip Island. U are gonna waste your time. It is better to take the allocation time for this place, and spend it at the Churchill Island. Lots more interesting stuff can be done there!!!

The wild kangaroo. Thanks to the zooming application of my camera

Koala just love to sleep

Our next stop was at the Nobis Centre. I knoe that this photo doesnt give any clue about the centre but i just love it. Plus i wasnt lucky to go inside since i spend most of my time here in the toilet! hehehe

Another good moment portrayed!

The last stop of the day, Peguin Paradise - if i was not mistaken. This was actually the main reason we came to this place, to see the penguins going back to their home sweet home. We were not allowed to bring our camera in so no photos of the penguin to be shared with u guys. The penguins were so cute just like us!!!!!hehe

Melbourne - 1st

since i dont think that i've time to write about my trip in melbourne, let photos do the talking..enjoy!~

Melbourne city - clean and beautiful city!

Posers in the heart of Melbourne

Another different view of the city

Tram - the common public transport here! And it is cheaper than the transportation in Sydney.. huhu

Happy faces at Docklands

Docklands - the name of the place; it has a very panoramic view of melbourne city. a lot of modern architecture can be found here

Fish bar - one of the modern building at Docklands. This photo is taken for architecture purposes. We didnt eat here :P

Yarra River - there are a number of 'fire columns' by the river. The one portrayed in the photo is only repeated for every an hour. It was kinda hard for that kind of moment to be captured.

Merry goes round - they just love to be in the photo!

We ended our night with the Ferris Wheel ride. Such a nice view of Melbourne city can be seen from there. Night and day, it was totally different!~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My new project

white and blue

the resting place

small town by the beach

Since I havent update my blog for a very long time (the real UPDATE of course!), here come the latest one from me, Coogee Beach. Hehe. Why did I choose this topic? The answer is simple. It must have something to do with my new project! Yup, my new design project gonna be here and I have to design a community centre. Since I have to go there and understand the place, might be as well I use it as another topic to be inserted into my blog.

parking space

the traffic

Why do I have to go here? According to my tutor (haha), this is another way for me to get the idea for my design. By understanding the place, I can know about the activities and the population about the area. From there, the idea can be derived and help me in designing the community centre. By its name, we already know that it is belong to the local community, thus the building must be something which can symbolized that particular community. That is what we call as the uniqueness of architecture which for every design lays a lot of thinking behind it!

one of significant sculptures

the cliff

Oh ya, for those who plan to come to Sydney, this is another must go place for u guys. Even though it is not well published as Bondi Beach (can easily be seen on the postcards), that does not mean it is not good. The rocks, the cliffs and the waves are some of the elements which make this beach unique.

the rocks

Wanna know what are the rest of it? U have to come here and experience it by urself!

the sculpture