Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Rahimy

hey rahimy!
happy birthday!!
dah beso dh tue..
tak yah nk nanges2 :P
enjoy ur day though !!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks MUNiR

As promised, an entry for Munir!! dont get me wrong, he did not ask for it. it just that i was touched with the help he gave while i was in Adelaide. Thanks Munir. U are very appreciated.
and for those out there who dont know him, he's one of my friends who i met along the way during my high school time! brilliant person with great personality. believe me, i was his ex-(hsemate, classmate, dormate, and even bedmate) hahahah.. i was joking for the last part :p we lived together for 6.5 years and that made me know him quite much. might not as much as his family or his best friends, but i do know him! in conclusion, thank u munir and for those who might interested out there, he's single!!! chiow!~

Thursday, July 24, 2008


6-12 July: I was having my road trip to Adelaide and Melbourne. At first, I was thinking that it must be boring since we chose to use Tarago instead of flight. Just imagined, 20 hours journey to Adelaide and u were stacked inside the full-packed tarago? It was awful!! But luckily, I brought along my UNO cards and we used it to play MAFIA games which made our journey seemed shorter.

One unforgettable incident during our first 10 hrs of journey was one of the car’s (the Wagon) tires punctured! It happened on 4.21 am at an unidentifiable place. The scariest part was that place reminded me of one movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre! I watched it the day before our road trip started and it obviously still remained fresh in my mind. Damn, just imagined, what if suddenly it’s really happen? I’m sure u guys will never know about me and my unstoppable journey anymore. Thanked God cause we went there using two cars, Tarago (as I’ve mentioned earlier) and a Wagon which we called it Suziela. So, the night or could be said as morning did not feel so lonely since all of us went down to see the tire being repaired. Oh ya, it was all with the helped from the Tarago’s lights! I don’t think that it would be much easier if there was only one car. So people, if u r going for a roadtrip and planning to drive at night, make sure u guys are fully prepared for any circumstances!!

adelaide I

adelaide II

We arrived at Adelaide at about 5pm. Wonderful! That was the first thing came out in my mind when I saw the city. The landscapes, the buildings and the people there were totally different from Sydney. Adelaide made me agreed with the saying ‘love at the first sight’. The city was not as busy as Sydney, the environment was really self-cooling (I don’t know this word exist or not) and standing ovation to its urban design planner! It was totally different from what I’ve heard from other people before. For me, Adelaide is still one of the best places I’ve ever been to. Not just because of the environment, the food itself, cheap and delicious! Anyway, with the help from Munir (dude I owe an entry about u!!) we had our first and foremost halal kangaroo meat as our dinner!! Frankly speaking, it tasted like meat, the normal meat which u can get easily get in Malaysia. Well, at least we have tried something which is not every Malaysian has the opportunity to try. Hehe. Straight after the dinner, Munir brought us around the city, stopped at one of the cafĂ© and pretend like we were at mamak!

The next day, we planned to get some souvenirs and end up at the Central Market. Oh ya, we took the free tram services and again, thanks to Munir for telling us about that. We had our lunch at Hungry Jack (we Malaysian called it as Burger King). And for u guys’ info, the only Halal Hungry Jack restaurants are in Adelaide and that was the main reason we chose it as our lunch place. Straight after that, we continued our journey with some shopping at the Rundle Mall before leaving Adelaide for Melbourne.

We stopped at Handhorf - A historic German village in the Adelaide Hill. This is another MUST place when you are in Adelaide. I like the view so much and I’m sure those who are into photography, will do the same.

I bought the best dark chocolate here from Just Chocolate. The owner was so friendly and that made me promoting her shop in this blog! So guys, u MUST buy chocolates from her shop if u are happen to be there! Hehe. Our last stop before heading to Melbourne was the Strawberry Factory. It was not in the plan. We decided to stop since it was still early. We bought jams here as souvenirs. Till then, stay tuned for the next update!!! chiow

Sunday, July 20, 2008

NCG '08

I know I really had such a long break from blogging and now, as promised the beginning of my never ending holidays! My first chapter is about ‘the glory of a squash player’! hahaha.. I know it sounds too much but don’t u think it’s very very cool? :P

Ok, I went to Brisbane on the 1st July till 4th July 2008. Not for a normal occasion but something quite important for me which is NCG (National Conference and Games) 2008. Some of u must have no idea of what it is and for u guys information, it is a place of where all the Malaysian’s students (not really ALL though) from all over Australia gathered together for some kind of ritual. Ok not ritual, I prefer it to be ‘sports and games and a lil bit of conference’. Hehe

Brisbane city I

Brisbane city II

Talking about Brisbane, there’s nothing much can be seen compared to Sydney. Just go to the city it’s all done! One day is enough I guess (no offence to those in Brisbane). But I must say that the University of Queensland was really captured my attention! Such a massive place covered with architectures in natures! U can see variety of birds in between your long journey from a place to a place. And the lake of where we had our BBQ on the first night was absolutely the best shot of all! Oh ya, forgot to mention that if u have been to Brisbane and still have try it Citycat Service, u should feel regret. Hehe… ok I lied but it is such a waste if u don’t try it since this is where u can enjoy the night view of the city at best!

University of Queensland

The lake at night

Let’s move to the main course of this holiday. The Malaysian Night, the night which revealed everything! The winner for each games and the overall champion. This year’s theme was Masquerade Ball and this was another new vocabulary in my dictionary. Cut the thing short, I won gold in Squash (AGAIN!!!) and New South Wales as the overall champion (AGAIN AND AGAIN!!). That’s all I guess. I’ll continue with my Adelaide trip later. Stay tune!!!

masquerade ball

my table

the champion!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my mouth will start blabbering again! :p

it was really the best holidays i ever had so far..
full of meaningful events n people..
thanks guysss!!!
anyway, this is just to tell u guys that i'm ready to start blogging again..
just stay tune for the details part of my winter 08 vacation..