Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I went to watch x-men first class last night. It is a good movie I would say. The action, technology and the storyline fits well with the overall apprearance of the movie. In fact, the storyline is much more clear and vibrant to the audience due to the integration with the history of x-men.

One thing that I am interested on after watching the movie is about the existence of mutant. I like all the superpower that they have. They are all cleverly done for each of the character and different from one another. From there, it has brought me to the think about that we human are actually mutant as well.


People might say that no, we are not. We have brain and we do all of our things using our brain. It helps us to survive in our daily life. So,there is nothing to do with mutant. Mutant is some sort of human with special power which is different from the human who has lots of potential in each one of them.

But then, does the ability that we have are the same from one another? No! Every person has different strong specialty. I would say 'specialty' because I see everyone as someone special,someone that has personal unique ability to differentiate themselves from others. For example, we would find our close friends who is very stylo eventhough he is doing medic. We might also find that our designer friend who is dressing up as normal, but could come out with great fashion design. Or maybe, a friend who could motivate us while we are down and have no one to turn to.

These are all that I consider as special ability. Not everyone is having the same special features in their life. They are all different. And this differences that makes us special at the same time, as well as a mutant! We are the chosen one to have that specialty, for us to make full use of it in order to continue our life.

That is why, it is better to work in group rather than alone. If we are doing in group, we could gather different specialty and opinions into one and then come out with an idea that could cater all of the groups existed. Working in group is defnitely more beneficial as working alone. Besides decreasing the burden that we have to face, it is also help us in planning our time more efficiently.

So people, whenever someone tells you that they wanna be like x-men, tell them that they are already one of them. Be confident with yourself, spread your wings and flyyyyyy!!!


"sesungguhnya telah ku lihat dgn mata ku sendiri betapa kuat nya seorang ibu itu dalam membentuk keperibadian seorang anak"

"telah ku lihat juga, bagaimana seorang ibu itu yakin bahawa anakya adalah seorang yang baik walaupun ramai yang berkata buruk"

"telah ku lihat juga, seorang ibu itu sanggup melakukan apa sahaja demi anaknya"

"dan telah ku lihat juga, si ibu yg menyalahkan didikan sendiri atas masalah yang dihadapi anaknya"

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku bersyukur kerana telah diberikan peluang untuk melihat apa yang terselindung di sebalik tubuh kecil seorang wanita lemah bergelar ibu. Aku memohon kepadamu agar segalanya dipermudahkan. Sesungguhnya, pengakhiran yg baik lah adalah sebaik2 pegakhiran. Amin.

Ya Allah, peliharalah semua kaum ibu di dunia ini. Berikan lah mereka kekuatan dalam mengharungi setiap dugaanMu ya Allah. Dan berkatilah kehidupan mereka semua dengan kehidupan yang baik. Sesungguhnya, jasa mereka memang tidak ada tolok bandingnya. Amin.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Many things happened today! Good, bad, but mostly good. Alhamdulillah.

1. Finally, the moment I've been waiting for. After re-thinking and re-considering of the good and the bad sides of having an iPad, i finally decided to get one! Yeah. Ipad2 3G- wifi 16GB. At first I was thinking of getting the 32GB but after reconsidering back my decision, I decided to take the 16GB. This is because I already have the iphone4 and the functioned is the same like iPad. The different is just iPad is made with bigger screen. But then, considering myself as an architecture student, checking all the online architecture magazines using iphone4 is very hard. The font is small. I have to constraint my eyes which means, gonna damage my damaged eyes even more. Besides, most of the architectural photos are better being viewed in large, so that it would be more clear to the eyes. Therefore, this iPad is basically for my uni-research purposes + a lil bit of entertainment :p.

2. My squash captain had given me a phone call just now and we got through to the semi-final. Alhamdulillah. We didn't managed to win last night so we have to wait for the result from the other team. It turned out that they were also having the same result as us. That's it! By just one point to separate us, we got through to the final! Weehoo

3. I got my first result of this sem. Alhamdulillah. It is just like what I have prayed for. It could be better but who cares.

4. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

Monday, June 20, 2011


SubhanAllah. Hari ini semakin jelas lagi dipaparkan buat aku tentang betapa besar dan mendalamnya kasih sayang seorang ibu. Iya, untuk semua ibu yg ada di dunia. Memang betul kata peribahasa,

"seorang ibu mampu menjaga 10 orang anak, tapi 10 orang anak belum tentu mampu menjaga ibu mereka seorang"

SubhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah!


1. seorang ibu yg tidak dapat khabar berita tentang anaknya selama beberapa bulan, mencari update2 tertentu anaknya melalui facebook.

2. namun, apabila anaknya bukanlah seorang yg aktif dgn dunia sosial alam maya ini, apa lah sangat info yg bakal diperoleh ye dak?

3. si ibu dgn randomnya mencari rakan2 yg mungkin rapat dgn si anak melalui gambar2 yg di tag di facebook. >>> aku amat terharu dgn part nih. si ibu sanggup buat apa saja untuk mengetahui tentang keadaan si anak. walaupun beribu batu jauh terpisah, kasih sayang si ibu tetap utuh, tidak ditelan jarak! subhanAllah!

4. apabila 'wild-guess' si ibu adalah tidak tepat, si ibu meminta pula bantuan daripada si 'wild guess' untuk mendapatkan contact bg kenalan2 yg mungkin mengetahui pasal si anak. mmg sungguh terharu, si ibu will never give up! selagi tak jumpa petunjuk tentang keadaan anak, selagi itulah usaha diteruskan. tiada lagi perasaan malu. semua possibility yg ada, terus di explore!

5. semua kawan ditanya menggunakan khidmat message from facebook. cukup canggih si ibu. sanggup menguasai ilmu dunia teknologi dalam mencari keadaan sebenar anak. aku kagum!

6. setelah mencuba segala possibility yg ada, si ibu tetap tidak berpuas hati dgn keadaan si anak. si ibu nekad untuk datang mencari si anak! WOW!

ok, aku mmg terdiam, terkesima, kagum dan segala2nya tentang kasih sayang si ibu. mana ada ibu yg lupakan anak, mana ? mana? takda! ibu sanggup buat apa saja untuk si anak.

dan aku yakin, keputusan yg terakhir drp si ibu adalah kerana naluri keibuannya merasakan si anak tidak berada dalam keadaan yg sepatutnya. si ibu datang membawa kasih sayang untuk merawat luka si anak.

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya, kau berilah bantuan dan rahmat mu agar si ibu mampu tersenyum di pengakhiran cerita.


Friday, June 17, 2011


The khutbah today was discussing about time management. The khatib told us that if you wanna have good time management, you need to set your goal and then do the planning.

He is definitely right. With no goal, we tend to waste our time. And with no planning, we are not gonna be very efficient with our time. This is what i am trying to practise in my life.

What i am gonna do is to start listing down all my targets. Differentite it with the short-term and the long-term target, so that i know what is more in need of my attention.

As for this winter holidays, ive jotted down the plan. Now it is up to me to make it real. This is definely the most efficient uni holidays!


Phewww. After quite long time for taking a break from squash, i managed to show my committment to my team yesterday. It was good, considering that i havent been to the training for more than a month. Well, i'm not fit with bad footwork in the court, i still managed to win 5 sets! Impressive rite?

But thats not the main point here. This post is dedicated to the after effect of last night games! My whole body is in pain! I know this is normal for someone for havent been to sport for quite long time but the main issue here is, now it is really hard for me to do my last assignment. Arghhh

I had two cans of ubat kaki tiga drinks from the asian groceries shop just now. N hopefully, things gonna get better after this. And at the moment, lying on my comfy bed is the best choice of all. But tonight, gonna strive my ass off for the assignment! Woohoo. Im done with the planning, and now left with me making all of them works! Good luck!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I went to uni bookstore looking for the moleskine. The reason is because I am desperately in need of a notebook.

Here is the plan. This notebook is not an ordinary one. The intention is to have my new best friend which means, I am gonna write down everything inside.

Basically, it is something involving with my future plan. And also, any spontanous ideas that triggering me not just for architecture, as well as about life. It is hope that whenever I flip through the book, it will enlighten myself with many of useful thoughts.

Therefore, the journey gonna begins today. And as for the first entry for this book, I'm thinking to write down of my plan for this winter. I've many things in my mind, so by making it visible, it means I have already set is as my target to achieve during the break.

And hopefully, by having this notebook, it's gonna be helpful to me in dealing with the coming days of life as an architecture student.

I called this book as "THE MOLESKINE"


"setiap orang bersalah berhak diberi peluang kedua"

susah memang susah.
or maybe theres another quote that I think suits better

"forgive; yes, forget; not"

unless, it is purely from the heart.

but learnt from experience, i would rather be at the safe side.

being hurt once is enough!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Rupa tuh penting

Rupa tuh la cermin diri kita
Kalo cantik, cantik la kita
Kalo buruk, buruk la kita

Rupa cantik belum tentu baik
Rupa buruk tidak semestinya jahat

Cuma kita kena ingat
Kalau kita malu dgn rupa kita
Itu petanda tidak baik

Kenapa perlu malu?


Malu dan riak ada bezanya
2 cara, lain tertibnya


what is the best time for you to enjoy?

i am gonna say it is when you have nothing else to worry about.

yes people, we as human, are always worrying too much about ourselves. we tend to look forward and start predicting about the future. since the future is beyond our scope of knowledge, that makes us more worried since we dont know of what's gonna happening next.

this 'worry' feeling has its pro and cons.

worrying too much is only gonna make us:

1. tired because we wont feel comfortable with our current situation. our brain keep working for nothing. most of the energy just gone like that
2. sad. it push us to the extreme where we are going to start focusing on the negativity rather than, being positive with ourselves.
3. not productive. when everything seems against us, we start to loose our self-confident then loosing interest in what we are doing. we are not at our best whenever we are doing something. the result will not going to be good too.

so people, in this case, we need to know how to control our 'worrying' level. start reversing its negativity into something that is positive to us.

"dont focus on the problem, focus on the solution"

for example, we have assignment submission in three days time but we still have not started with it until we left only 24 hours for the submission. we start to worry that we are not gonna finish it on time.

as for this case, stop worrying, and start thinking on ways to solve the problem. your problem is how to finish your essay in 24 hours time. so, u should start from the beginning, looking at the main root of the problem. as for the essay, what is the topic? and start researching on it. at this point of time, put away you 'worrying' feeling, as far as possible. and keep working.
maybe u can turn on some music to get yourself distracted from thinking about the problem.

then start planning your time carefully. make it visible to the eyes, and plan what you are going to do for every hours. go all out. make sure u achieve your target. if you dont, try harder in the next hour!

based on my experience, the key principles for reversing the negativity of 'worry' lies upon:

1. 'focus on the solution'
2. 'push yourself to the maxima'
3. distract yourself from thinking about the problem

be confident that you can do it coz u dont know your limit. go all out!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Masa tadika dulu, rasa takut gila nak masuk darjah satu sbb kawan2 cakap cikgu garang
Masa darjah satu takut nak masuk darjah 2 sebab belajar lagi susah
Lepas tuh bila dengar pasal upsr pulak, adoiiii takut takut takut!
Abes upsr pulak rasa takut nak masuk tingkatan satu sbb dah berbeza fasa sekolah.
bila dah abes form 1, takut pulak nak amek pmr.
dh abes pmr, mak aihhh cuak weyh nak masuk form 4. soalan semua subjektif.
abes form 4, kecuakan spm la pulak.
lepas spm, cuak kalau tak dapat smbung study.
dah dapat smbung, takut weyh kalo tak berjaya dapat degree.
bila dah ada degree, still cuak kalo tak dapat masters.

itu kisah satu.

ini kisah dua.

masuk darjah satu, mesti takut nmpak doktor gigi.
dah abes tuh, takut pulak dgn injection2 yg bermacam2.
masa nak masuk darjah tiga, nampak kawan sunat.
mak aihhhhhhhh! ngilu beb! ada potential hilang 'senjata'!
bila dh lepas, cuak dgn BCG pulak.

ini kisah tiga

bila umur dah semakin meningkat, takut laa pulak nk pikul tanggungjawab berkeluarga.

kita memang sentiasa hidup dalam ketakutan kan?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The ending

Wehoo. Yesterday was the last day for my design this sem. Feel releived! It felt like ive just throwing away a big massive stone from my head! Pheww

As a reward for myself for not having enough sleep through the week, a gloria jeans ice coffe + triple mud choc cake after i stepped down from the bus before heading back to my hse. Then, 4pcs kentucky fried chicken to make it more meaningful! Wohoo

Eventhough the design was just so-so (im hoping to at least get a pass. Amin) but who said that i cant enjoy myself. Because to me, ive done my very best. In fact, ive learned a lot during this sem. An experience with a great tutor, a well known architect, Tim Greer, is definitely has given another different view for me in seeing architecture.

"Architecture is not a destination, it is a journey".

Well, i believe in that quote. And km definitely preparing myself for a better semester after the break.

As for now, it's holidah baybehhh!! Yes, i will not forget to have funnnn! Weehoo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Saya whatsapp kawan saya. Saya tau dia sedang nyenyak tidur menikmati keindahan malam yg sejuk.

Owh gmbar kecil di atas itu adalah apple crumble gloria jeans! Sedap gila!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sekelumit cinta

Hari nih rasa free sikit. Sempat pergi squash then masa balik tuh terfikir nk makan apa malam nih. Pergi oriental, jumpa sos masam manis ABC. Then teringat ada udang kat rumah. So apa lagi, call mak tanya mcm mana nk masak 'sweet & sour prawan with a pinch of love'! Wah gituh!

Bahan2 nya:
1. Udang
2. Fish cakes
3. Bawang besar sebijik
4. Bawang putih 1/2 bijik
5. Minyak utk menumis
6. Sedikit serbuk kunyit
7. Sedikit garam

1. Gaulkan udang dgn garam dan kunyit. Biarkan sebentar agar rasanya sebati
2. Panaskan kuali + minyak
3. Tumiskan 1/2 bawang besar + semua bawang putih. Biarkan sehingga naik bau yum yum ke hidung!
4. Masukkan udang tadi. Owh aku masukkan jugak cili kering. Biar berapi sikit!
5. Goreng goreng dan goreng sehingga udang separuh 3/4 masak.
6. Curahkan setengah botol sos ABC MASAM MANIS!
7. Kacau masakkan agar rasa sebati. Biarkan sehingga sos masak.
8. Dah masak? As in nampak gelombang2 udara membuak2? Ok bagus. Masukkan lebihan bawang besar tadi. Yg nih korang potong bulat mcm bentuk cincin.
9. Kacau dan biarkan sebentar dalam 2 minit.
10. Ok dah siappppp! Boleh makan!!!

Pastuh ada pulak grilled chicken yg crispy tuh. Mak aihhhhh. Terangkat angkat smpai sekarang nih.


Saturday, June 4, 2011


We've got to choose whether black or white

If black, to the left
But if white, to the right

Black and white are contrasting each other

We still need to choose

In continuing our journey, we need courage, confident and intelligent
Not forgotten, faith

Good luck!


A visit by a friend on Saturday!
Woohoo. Congratulation on your new job!

Anyway, what is confident?

1. The ability to talk in front of the public?
2. Having good look?
3. Many friends around?
4. Smart?

Well, to me it is more than. It is the ability of having faith with yourself. It is more about self-eateem. Thats y, we people are always having ups and downs.

We are at top whenever we have high self esteem and at the bottom when the confident level is low.

So, dont ever think that u dont have any self-cofident. Dont be sad if you r not as lucky as others. Because to me, what important is how you deal with your feeling. Because it will then lead u to boosting up your self-esteem and then, be confident with yourself.

Do whatever u wanna do. Ask help whenever u can find ways to solve. And the rest, just enjoy life to the fullest!


"macam mana nk buat keje? takde mood la"

phewww. mesti selalu kan? yes exactly!

so here are few tips in solving those issues. basically, this is what i had been doing for these few days...

1. abeskan semua kehendak nafsu korang! (LOL) in this case apa yg aku maksudkan adalah nafsu2, nak tgk series, tgk movies, semua tuh la. macam aku, mesti tgk 'nora elena' dulu, pastuh tgk 'juvana'. then bila dh menyesal, terus start buat keje.

but but but...
jangan la nafsu sampai nk layan smpai 10 movies tiap2 kali before start keje. aiyoo. kalo cmtuh, smpai kawan ko grad, ko pon still tgk movie!

2. planning. ini mmg amat membantu. sebelum korang start buat keje, buat plan.

"by this time (insert certain period), i must have finished this chapter"

n remember to make it visible to your eyes. this means that u guys have to write it down on paper, n paste it on front of you. most of the people, they often forget what they've planned. (yes, i;m one of the victims). so by having the list on the paper, it is constantly reminding you and putting pressure for you to work extra harder.

3. reward yourself. yep, after finish one task, reward yourself with something that you like. it acts as the booster for us to continue the same effort for the next task.

4. call mak suruh buatkan smayang hajat. pastuh korang pon buat skali.

5. owh owh owh. malu bertanya sesat jalan. tanya la sebanyak mana orang ko nk tanya. pastuh pandai2lah korang sesuaikan mengikut situasi sendiri.

sekian sahaja untuk kali ini.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


well, i'm sure most of us a familiar with anwarhadi, a very famous vlogger. here is the latest video by him.

sincerely, when i first see the link in the FB, i didnt expect it to be very 'touched'. well, it is just a video. nothing more.

but then, when i played the video, n listened to the story by the people in the video, i cried. i cried and cried.

mak, abang sayang mak. cuma tak biasa nk luah2kan. tp, percayalah, mak lah yg paling utama dalam semua!