Monday, November 21, 2011


We plan. We could plan as much as we like. But in the end, Allah is the one who decides. We haw no power to go against what had been planned for us. We are human.

The only thing we could do is redha. And start palnning again.

The cycle goes.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes we have done our best, but the result does not seems like what we expected. Sometimes, we feel like to give up, but look back our hardships , its too early to let our dreams gone, sometimes the rainbow does not emerge for us to see, maybe it is for us to find. Sometimes, we feel tired of chasing, but we never realise our step has marched ahead thousand miles, it requires more patient, just a little bit more and you will found a sense of accomplishment, not for people to see, but only u can feel it.

-silent reader